43 Mainstream Media Outlets Cover Michael Schmidt’s Raw Milk Appeal

Michael Schmidt talks to a CBC news reporter on the steps of Osgoode Hall Wednesday.

According to Michael Schmidt’s first lawyer, Clayton Ruby, this case will be won or lost in the court of public opinion. And that’s why the news media coverage is significant. Because coverage in the press helps spread public awareness of the issue. Regardless of the slant of the stories, questions are being raised in the minds of thinking people across the country. By the way, that count of 43 is as of Saturday, Feb. 8th, according to Google’s news aggregator. Here are 25 examples from that list:

Farmer takes battle over raw milk sale to Ontario’s highest court – Vancouver Sun – ‎Feb 6, 2014‎: “TORONTO – A dairy farmer determined to defend his right to provide raw milk urged Ontario’s top court Wednesday to recognize that laws around pasteurization were outdated, unjust and infringed on basic freedoms.

Ontario’s pasteurization laws outdated and unfair, raw-milk farmer urges court – The Globe and Mail – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – ““The law needs to evolve and the pasteurization law seems not to evolve,” he said. “Is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms really living in this country or are we fighting a losing battle.”

Farmer urges Ontario’s highest court to allow raw milk consumption – CTV News – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “But Schmidt has repeatedly said he believes raw milk is not only safe, but offers health benefits as well. The government’s ban on its sale and distribution, he argued, is an infringement of fundamental freedoms.”

Farmer Michael Schmidt has been fighting for Canadians’ raw milk rights for 20 years.

Farmer takes battle over raw milk to Ontario’s highest court – CTV News – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “I’m not asking at all that everybody has to drink raw milk,” he said. “The government is saying that everyone has to drink pasteurized milk and that is, I think, a severe problem in this legislation. We are getting force-fed something people don’t want.”

Raw milk battle hits Ontario’s top court – Sun News Network – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – TORONTO – “The court battle, which began in 2009, has become a driving force for the farmer who was surrounded by supporters Wednesday. “It became a guiding light in my life,” he said of the fight. “I will never remain silent when there is an injustice.” An overflow courtroom was opened to accommodate the large public interest in the case.

Top Ontario court hears raw milk case – MetroNews Canada – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Schmidt and consumers of raw milk are freely choosing to ingest raw milk to improve their health,” Schmidt’s lawyer Derek From said outside court. “Our ultimate goal is to have cow shares recognized as legal in Canada.”

Farmer takes battle over raw milk sales to Ontario’s highest court – GlobalPost – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Schmidt has been locked in a decades-long battle with Ontario over raw milk, which he believes is not only safe but offers health benefits. “The law needs to evolve and the pasteurization law seemed not to evolve,” he said in court. But the province doesn’t agree with Schmidt, calling raw milk a “significant public health risk.”…”

VIDEO: Farmer takes raw milk battle to Ontario’s highest court – Hamilton Spectator – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Schmidt’s lawyers are pointing out that the Charter of Rights includes “the right of individuals to make decisions pertaining to their own bodies and their own health.” He says he wants to know if the charter is alive in Canada today. Schmidt made his address to the Ontario Court of Appeal as his supporters filled one Toronto courtroom and overflowed into another where proceedings were broadcast on a screen….”

Michael Schmidt takes raw milk fight to Ontario’s top court – CBC.ca – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Crown lawyer Shannon Chace further argued that Schmidt’s cow share program, although characterized as a private contractual program, was a risk to public health. “The private cow share agreement is not in fact a private agreement at all,” she told the court. “There are very serious public ramifications…I can choose not to consume raw milk but can nevertheless contract an illness.”

Farmer takes battle over raw milk to Ontario appeal court – Toronto Star – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “The Crown argues that Schmidt is still the one with legal title to the cows, as there is no evidence his customers “enjoy the benefit” of ownership except for a right to consume the milk and cheese products for a fee.”

Farmer’s battle over raw milk sales goes to Ontario’s highest court – Edmonton Journal – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Schdmit’s lawyer pointed out, however, that if raw milk were significantly dangerous, its consumption would clearly be banned altogether. “Unpasteurized milk has not been banned and if it is inherently unsafe in all circumstances, it would have been banned,” he said.”

Raw milk battle to be heard by Ontario’s highest court – CTV News – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Michael Schmidt made his stand during a hearing before Ontario’s Court of Appeal, as supporters packed two courtrooms to witness the latest step in a long-running legal battle between the 59-year-old farmer and the government.”

Top Ontario court to hear raw milk case – insideTORONTO.com– ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “It’s not illegal for farmers to drink raw milk from their own cows, so a few years later Schmidt devised a so-called “cow share” program, through which his approximately 150 customers bought ownership in a cow or herd. Schmidt believes the program is legal under a concept known as agistment, where he cares for livestock owned by other people, who are then entitled to that animal’s products.”

Ontario’s highest court to hear farmer’s battle over raw milk sales – Globalnews.ca – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “The laws around pasteurization were too broad, said Schmidt’s lawyer, suggesting that under such a sweeping interpretation of “distribution” it would be illegal for one co-owner of a cow to hand a glass of milk to another co-owner.”

Raw Milk Or Pasteurized? Ontario’s Top Court To Decide – Huffington Post Canada – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Rather than allowing a “black market” of raw milk to proliferate by upholding the ban on its sale, Schmidt’s lawyer asked the court to deliver a ruling which would support regulation of unpasteurized milk.”

Michael Schmidt’s lawyer Derek From talks to media outside Osgoode Hall courthouse Wednesday.

Farmer’s raw milk battle goes to Ontario’s top court – CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Experts had testified for the Crown at Schmidt’s trial that raw milk is a known source of food-borne illnesses to which pregnant women, elderly people and others with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable.”

Ontario raw milk crusader Schmidt gets his chance in province’s highest court – TopNews United States – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “Schmidt has been well and done with numerous Ontario court since he was initially accused of the unlawful bargain and dispersion of crude milk. He selected to advance the 2011 feelings to the area’s most noteworthy court as opposed to pay fines totalling $9,150. His lawyers say Schmidt’s “long-standing deliberations to make unpasteurized milk accessible to non-ranchers have been a vital and major life decision, having verifiably significant mental, budgetary, social and moral results for him.”

Raw Milk Case Back in Court – Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – “The case against the Durham area farmer dates back to the fall of 2006. At that time, agents with the Ministry of Natural Resources operating for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food raided his farm and charged Schmidt with 19 offences.  Schmidt defended himself at his 2009 trial and was acquitted of all charges early in 2010. ”

Home»News»National»Farmer takes battle over raw milk sales to Ontario’s  – News1130 – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – ““We have scientific evidence that smoking kills you,” he said. “With raw milk, there are no bodies…the standard that government is applying in this legislation is not rational.”

Home»News»National»Farmer takes battle over raw milk sale to Ontario’s  – 570 News – ‎Feb 5, 2014‎ – ““I’m not asking at all that everybody has to drink raw milk,” he said. “The government is saying that everyone has to drink pasteurized milk and that is, I think, a severe problem in this legislation. We are getting force-fed something people don’t want.”

Ontario Raw Milk Crusader Getting His Day in Province’s Highest Court – Food Safety News – ‎Feb 4, 2014‎ – “Not surprisingly, the case involving those issues is being brought by activist farmer Michael Schmidt, the defendant in 2011 who was convicted in a provincial court on 13 violations of both the Milk Act and the Health Protection and Promotion Act.”

Raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt heads back to court – ‎CBC.ca – ‎Feb 4, 2014‎ – “A crusading farmer and his supporters are taking their self-professed right to drink unpasteurized milk, which the government calls a “significant public health risk,” to Ontario’s top court this week.”

Raw milk fight goes to Ontario’s top court – London Community News – ‎Feb 4, 2014‎ – “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt is arguing that by making the sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk illegal, the province is infringing on both his and his customers’ basic freedoms. The charter includes “the right of individuals to make decisions pertaining to their own bodies and their own health,” Schmidt’s lawyers write in arguments filed with Ontario’s Appeal Court.”

Raw milk crusader takes fight to Ontario’s top court – Regina Leader-Post – ‎Feb 4, 2014‎ – “The appellant’s long-standing efforts to make unpasteurized milk available to non-farmers have been an important and fundamental life choice, having demonstrably profound psychological, economic, social and ethical consequences for him.”

Michael Schmidt, Raw Milk Crusader, Takes Fight To Ontario’s Top Court – Huffington Post Canada – ‎Feb 4, 2014‎ – “People who drink unpasteurized milk can transmit illness by person-to-person contact to persons who do not drink unpasteurized milk, even if they do not themselves become ill.”

So how’s it going for raw milk, in the court of public opinion? Well, along with their most recent story on the case, The Toronto Sun ran a poll. Here are the results so far:

Click image to go to the page with the story and the poll.

Thanks to Raoul Bedi for his research.

It’s not over until the last of the last reporter’s questions are answered.

Read The Bovine’s own report on the appeal proceedings here.


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5 responses to “43 Mainstream Media Outlets Cover Michael Schmidt’s Raw Milk Appeal

  1. Promiscuity is not only legal, but endorsed at the highest level in Canada, even at the Winter Olympic Games, in spite of being a well known public health hazard, Crown lawyer Shannon Chace still has to provide evidence that chances for a person, who chooses not to drink raw milk, to contract food-born illness from a person who does consume unpasteurized milk is GREATER, than the chances for a person, who chooses not to be promiscuous, to contract AIDS.

    • Marilyn

      Thank you for that concept, George. Perhaps headlines should now read: “The government of Canada now mandates that Prostitution is safer and better for Canadians than Milk.” ? Or something to that effect?

  2. Dohn Joe

    This pasteurization law is nonsense. It’s like requiring that meat-bleaching with chloring/ammonia (another amazing factory-farm practice) be mandated for all meat in order to ensure sterility. Heaven forbid that CAFO practices be scrutinized or that the free market be allowed to decide which approach wins out…

  3. If the people were saved from everything the government and dairy association money promoted to be good, then why is it that we raw milk farmers look for no handouts? The people who want it take care of their farmers and don’t wait for the government to do it. They value their feed sources and the good food provided. Lets all have a choice.

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