Michael Schmidt vows to take raw milk fight to the Supreme Court — CBC news

From The Canadian Press via CBC news:

Michael Schmidt talks to a reporter during a recess in his 2011 court appearance, in Newmarket Ontario following which his landmark 2010 acquittal was overturned by Justice Tetley, on appeal from the province of Ontario. Today’s ruling upholds Justice Tetley’s decsision on the legality of raw milk.

“A farmer who has spent two decades fighting for the right to sell unpasteurized milk to willing buyers pledged to take his case to the country’s highest court Tuesday after losing an appeal against his conviction for breaking public health laws.

Speaking minutes after the Ontario Court of Appeal ruling, an unbowed Michael Schmidt said he would continue with his milk operation and legal battle.

“Nothing really changes for me,” Schmidt told The Canadian Press.

“Our plan is to move right to the Supreme Court. That’s the bottom line. We’re not stopping here.”

In its ruling, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a 2011 conviction against Schmidt that saw him fined $9,150 under provincial health-protection laws.

Ontario does not ban the consumption of raw milk and farmers are allowed to drink the milk produced by their own cows. However, the sale of unprocessed milk is banned on the grounds that it poses a significant risk to public health.

In its ruling, the Appeal Court said Schmidt’s method of allowing consumers to buy an ownership interest in a dairy cow was little more than a way to circumvent the rules.

“The cow-share arrangement is nothing more than a marketing and distribution scheme that is offered to the public at large,” the court said in its unanimous ruling….”

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8 responses to “Michael Schmidt vows to take raw milk fight to the Supreme Court — CBC news

  1. Marietta Pellicano

    I so respect Michael Schmidt and his family.

  2. ADHD

    Why should farmers’ families be allowed to consume raw milk if it’s otherwise hazardous??? This stinks of absolute HYPOCRISY!!!

    And don’t tell me those “judges” are unbiased: it’s so horrifically EASY TO BRIBE and/or INTIMIDATE them!!! The less government regulation, the better – and where it’s needed, at least let them BE CONSISTENT!!!

  3. Ben Carl

    That makes too much sense.

  4. Jersey Boy

    Ontario, and Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO), really ought to WELCOME instead of criticizing the entrepreneurial opportunities that could open for farmers who create “value-added” on the farm. Merely shipping milk to the big dairies for processing (–reduction to fairly bland products) seems so missing the boat, and leaving the market to imports. How long must diary farming potentials remain paralyzed under an outmoded system?

    Question: In Ontario, do producers of goat or sheep milk face such hurdles from government authorities too?

    In some other jurisdictions, ‘farm gate’ businesses can offer a richer, more diverse range of milk products, and so contribute prosperity and quality of life to the community, and enable survival of family-size agricultural enterprises. The future need is for urbanites to partner in care of the land and nature with the workers on the farm. New models of community stewardship, such as cowshares, farmshares and CSAs have made progress in this direction of ethical partnership in farming and the best kind of reconnection of human beings with the land.

  5. i want raw milk and i dont need some one telling me is bad for my health ..what a crock.. the world is a wash in poisons from coast to coast.. so shut up about raw milk.. ill make my own decision on this one…it’s just milk but u smoke your cigs and drink your booze and eat your GMO contaminated foods and so on and so on but some one wants to save me from milk….

    • Christine Frank

      I second your remarks and have been looking for a farmer from whom I can purchase raw milk, straight from the cow. I am 83yrs old and drank milk from my brothers cows until I moved to Canada at the age of 42. I have lived to this age because I drank an abundance of raw milk and I enjoy a VERY HEALTHY ACTIVE life. No thanks to the governments interference in my right to and freedom eat and drink what I want to.

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