TVO’s Steve Paikin looks at what it will take to get raw milk onto the market in Ontario — that’s tonight, March 25th

From TVO:

Raw milk is on Steve Paikin’s agenda tonight

March 25, 2014 Food Fears?

After two decades of genetically modified crops, fears persist. The Agenda examines if those fears are justified. And, what will it take to see raw milk brought to market in Ontario?

Genetically Modified at 20

As the 20th anniversary of GMOs in Canada approaches, what have we learned in two decades? Are we any closer to scientifically proving whether GMOs are safe or harmful to our health? The Agenda examines why this issue still remains such a polarizing force.

Arthur Hill: Getting to a Raw Milk Deal

Ontario dairy farmer Michael Schmidt recently lost his legal appeal to overturn his 2011 conviction for selling raw milk. Is he getting a raw deal or is there a way to getting to a raw milk deal? The Agenda examines what it will take to get raw milk to market.”

Weeknights at 8 pm and 11 pm on the TVO television channel.


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4 responses to “TVO’s Steve Paikin looks at what it will take to get raw milk onto the market in Ontario — that’s tonight, March 25th

  1. Every time I feel discouraged about our struggles to see raw milk here in Illinois ( only a 15 year battle WITHOUT any jail time, fines or fees) I think of Michael and his family. Their work has benefitted all of us udder deep in this issue and their sacrifices are not taken lightly, at least not by us here on our little farm in Illinois.

    • william

      We have made many sacrifices too. Providing whole slow pasteurized milk to the public is not easy either. However, it fits the criteria of the health inspectors and other gov’t red tape. Many farms across the united States and provinces in Canada have adopted this practice as a safe compromise. Many raw milk drinkers are concerned about the homogenization process or the robbing of essential enzymes, bacteria and nutrients. Slow pasteurization keeps 80+ % of those components intact.

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    On television tonight: Toronto’s Steve Paikin looks at what it will take to get raw milk to market in Ontario… On TVO at 8pm and 11pm on “The Agenda with Steve Paikin”.

  3. william

    Interesting program: raw milk in Ontario. My question is: in Vermont farms use the alternative to Raw milk. Why hasn’t the people and the media considered ‘slow pasteurization’ as the nest alternative to raw milk and commercial pasteurization? (Raw milk drinkers look for enzymes and good bacteria and whole milk properties, slow pasteurized whole milk has these properties).

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