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Raw milk symposium today in Guelph

Today is the day for “Raw Milk — Science to Policy” symposium at the University of Guelph. Although Michael Schmidt has been invited to be among the speakers at this event, he has been given only 10 or 15 minutes of the all-day programme in which to share his views.

Michael said that he was required to submit the text of his presentation in advance. Would that be so that refutations could be prepared?

Although one could see it as a positive that raw milk is finally being given the time of day by Ontario’s foremost agricultural university, it remains to be seen how unbiased the proceedings will be.

In any case, the Guelph symposium is unlikely to bear much resemblance to the 2009 raw milk symposium at O.I.S.E. Click link to read the Bovine’s coverage of that symposium


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