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Real dialogue on raw milk with Michael Schmidt at the University of Guelph

By Margo McIntosh:

Michael Schmidt (second from right) and friends at the University of Guelph raw milk symposium April 22nd, 2014. Photos via the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy blog.

“On April 22, 2014, the University of Guelph held a Science To Policy Symposium with raw milk as the case study.  Approximately 90 people attended.  As far as could be determined 90% of these people were from Public Health, CFIA and interested scientists.

The other 10% were raw milk advocates and supporters.  For a list of the presenters and other information about the symposium, go to this link http://ennect.com/e2340.  Before you read this you might want to read the bios of these speakers.  Continue reading


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