That’s not Cricket, or is it?

“Cricket flour is made from slow roasted milled crickets, making a light brown flour that resembles brown sugar.

My grandfather was in the Air Force for 23 years and fought in three wars. He slid down tarps on the sides of mountains in Greenland, climbed on the wings of planes mid-air to conduct repairs, and always managed to come home not only alive and well, but with gifts for my grandmother.

The most amazing story he has to tell, however, is of his week-long survival mission when he and his fellow Airmen were dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a few lard rations, left to survive on their own in the wilderness for one week. Think Carlton Cuse’s Lost, but with a rescue crew after seven days.

At the end of the week, a week during which the aim of the game is to lose the least amount of weight, Harry Natow gained. How? It’s simple. In addition to picking up some of the discarded lard his buds were too disgusted to eat, my grandfather ate insects.

When I founded Six Foods with my two Harvard friends Rose Wang and Laura D’Asaro, I wasn’t thinking about my familial history with entomaphagy. I had eaten some insects on a dare made by my 10th grade Chemistry teacher and survived, so the concept wasn’t all that unfamiliar. And Rose and Laura weren’t too squeamish, either….”

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  1. awesome! John the Baptist all over again

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