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Gandhi was inspired by Leo Tolstoy

In case you were wondering what a post on Ghandi is doing on a raw milk blog, it’s because farmer Michael Schmidt has said that Mahatma Ghandi was an inspiration for his work on the food rights issues around raw milk in Canada. From Jennifer Hunter in the Toronto Star:

Author Ramachandra Guha, seen in Toronto, says Gandhi was deeply influenced by the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy. Photo: BERNARD WEIL / TORONTO STAR

“When Mahatma Gandhi was a young man, he was like many other young men: eager to earn a suitable living and support his family. It was his experiences in the world outside India — studying law in London, practising as an attorney in South Africa and cultivating friends from all walks of life and religions — that profoundly influenced his philosophy of passive resistance and transformed him into a globally important, if austere figure. Gandhi’s formative years are the subject of Ramachandra Guha’s book, Gandhi: Before IndiaGuha was visiting Toronto from his home in Bangalore, India….” Continue reading

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