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The pursuit of food rights through engaging in the political process

David E. Gumpert writes in the excerpt below about how some American food rights activists have recently taken their cause to the people by running for political office, in some cases against their former oppressors.

Michael Schmidt has more than once sought political office, and though he was able to garner considerable support, he was not able to break through the obstacles that were put in his way, possibly in some cases, by those with a vested interest in the status quo. 

Residents of Ontario will likely be aware that there is a provincial election currently in progress. This means that we have an opportunity to raise food rights issues in questioning our candidates. One of the few politicians who have publicly supported the raw milk movement in Ontario is Randy Hillier, who was elected as a Progressive Conservative MPP in 2007. His private members bill asking the government to study the raw milk issue did not however, gain enough support at Queen’s Park. Continue reading

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