Mom Speaks at Monsanto

From a news release from Moms Across America:

“Zen Honeycutt  represented John Harrington of Harrington Investments at yesterday’s meeting to ask for shareholder support for Item No. 5, Shareowner Proxy Access—an essential mechanism for accountability supported by institutional investors and the SEC.

As the founder of Moms Across America  she spoke on behalf of millions of mothers, a  significant group of  long-term stakeholders of Monsanto. Her presentation contained the following:

1 out of 2 children in America today have a chronic illness such as asthma, allergies, autism, autoimmune disease, Crohn’s, diabetes and obesity. (1) All of these conditions and more can be directly linked to GMOs and Glyphosate–to Monsanto’s products.

Zen said to Monsanto, on behalf of struggling parents, STOP POISONING our children!  Glyphosate—a patented antibiotic—has been detected in the air, water, food, Fruit Loops (see , our children’s urine, our breast milk, (2) and in feeding tube liquid (3)  fed to children with cancer, at levels thousands of times ABOVE what has been shown to destroy GUT BACTERIA—where 70% of the immune system lies. (4)

The Monsanto shareholders MUST know, she said that, without proper gut bacteria the body cannot make Tryptophan, Melatonin or Serotonin which regulates insulin—leading to numerous illnesses including diabetes, a disease which is on course to bankrupt US Healthcare in 13 years. (5)

When the gut bacteria is destroyed, food particles and pathogens escape through the intestines, causing allergies and auto-immune diseases.  Allergy ER Visits have increased 265% since GMOs and glyphosate were introduced. (6)…”

More at Moms Across America


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2 responses to “Mom Speaks at Monsanto

  1. Gary Wilson

    Quote “(1) All of these conditions and more can be directly linked to GMOs and Glyphosate–to Monsanto’s products.”
    Correlation does not prove causation.
    Quote “without proper gut bacteria the body cannot make Tryptophan”.
    A true statement. Another true statement is: “With proper gut bacterial the body cannot make Tryptophan.” Another true statement is: “Humans cannot synthesize Tryptophan since it is an essential amino acid which must be supplied in the diet.”
    The evidence left to us by William Albrecht, PhD, suggests to me that those concerned about GMOs should consider whether was is not in them is responsible for conditions that can be directly linked to GMO’s. GMO’s permit farmers to produce crops in deficient soil fertility. When you grow crops in deficient soil fertility, you get nutritional deficiencies in the crops.

  2. Richard Barrett

    Interesting fact that 47% of the voters did not believe the moms that had children affected by GMOs. Their science did not line up with reality.

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