Mainstream Media Blackout on Sheep-napping Preliminary Inquiry Granted

Early on in his 2006 raw milk case, Michael Schmidt quoted his then-lawyer Clayton Ruby as saying that cases like his are won and lost in the court of public opinion. No doubt the same dynamic is at work in this case. However, this time prosecution lawyers are a little more clued in as to the danger which public opinion represents for their cause, and they are determined to nip it in the bud. Now as to why the judge would so readily go along with it, that’s another matter.

David Gumpert predicts that attempts at suppressing this story will only fuel the public’s desire to know what is forbidden, and thus their strategem will be doomed to fail big-time. If ever a story had the makings for going viral, this one certainly does.

From Facebook:

Facebook posts seem to be all the coverage that this news blackout is getting in the Canadian media.

American food rights blogger David Gumpert is stepping in to the fray with both feet, in his latest post on what’s reported (on Facebook) as being a “Mainstream Media publication ban” on the case:

From his “The Complete Patient” blog:

“With a prosecutor upset about disclosures on this blog about the scrapie-related sheep-napping case, a Canadian judge earlier today took the extraordinary step of imposing a news blackout on the case.

The effect of the blackout was immediate: The National Post, a major Canadian publication, immediately took down an article published Friday about how a sheep identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a carrier of scrapie may well have come from the U.S., and not from Montana Jones’ herd of rare Shropshire sheep. If that is the case, then her sheep were likely destroyed as part of a charade to shift blame, and the charges against her and Michael Schmidt are a sham as well….”

Read more on The Complete Patient.

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