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Roadside Surveillance in Grey County?

By Michael Schmidt

Frames from a hidden camera spying on innocent citizens going about their business on a nondescript country road in Durham county? Reposted from Michael Schmidt’s social media (FB) post yesterday about the discovery of a roadside surveillance camera near his farm. What shadowy characters or agencies could be behind this and what could possibly be their motive?

 All seems good in the country. People enjoy driving on country roads, especially Concession 2 in West Grey, where apple trees, fields and green pastures are part of a landscape of rural innocence. Kids bike to a little country school, people strolling, walking and jogging in the fresh country air, dogs barking, coyotes howling at night and roosters announce the beginning of a new day.

That changed on July 25th, when we discovered a strange little box mounted on a little apple tree a half mile south of Glencolton Farms. It was a rather creepy discovery and it got even more creepy when, two days later, we discovered yet another box a few hundred yards north of the farm. Continue reading


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