Mr. Schmidt goes to Town Council over Case of Roadside Surveillance Cameras

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“An appearance at West Grey council did little to calm the fears of several Durham area residents, regarding surveillance cameras found along Concession 2.

Dairy farmer Micheal Schmidt questioned the legality of installing such cameras on public property without giving notice to the municipality.

Mayor Kevin Eccles and the rest of council admitted they didn’t know but they’re standing with the police on this one.

Police Chief Rene Berger has told Schmidt he knows who owns the cameras and there is no criminal intent and that should be the end of it.

Schmidt has filed a complaint with the Ontario Independent Police Review board…

The cameras contain thousands of images of people going by on foot, on bikes and in vehicles.

They’re reportedly with Schmidt’s lawyer at the moment.

He’s been told if he doesn’t give them back, he could be facing charges of theft.

When Schmidt questioned council on the legality of the cameras being on public property, they admitted they didn’t know but they were with the chief on this one.

Schmidt says he is not confident they will get any satisfaction from council because they’re “bureaucrats”; something he says he’s been dealing with for 20 years.

He’s already filed a complaint with the Ontario Independent Police Review Director to investigate the issue mostly in regards to what he calls the negligence of the chief saying he’s not addressing the concern of residents that there are cameras on the road where their children walk to school.

Schmidt has been told that if he doesn’t give back the cameras, which are currently with his lawyer, he could be charged with theft.

Ironically… the farmer says if that happens it could help him get to the bottom of the whole thing.

He says at that point he can ask for the disclosure necessary to defend himself.

“I am not afraid of charges”, Schmidt says.

He also says so far he has not received a response from M-P-P Bill Walker or M-P Larry Miller on the issue.

Schmidt says he’s also launched a Freedom of Information request.

Meanwhile neighbour David Sugarman who turned out to support Schmidt Tuesday night says his kids attend Edgehill school up the road and he drives the concession regularly.

He too is upset with the Police Chief who he says isn’t even investigating….”

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One response to “Mr. Schmidt goes to Town Council over Case of Roadside Surveillance Cameras

  1. allan

    It would be pretty simple end to the story if the owner just came and picked the camera up if there is nothing to it…….The whole thing just does not smell right!! “Surveillance anyone” How can the Police charge someone with theft when you found something on the side of the road???……No more adopt a highway.LOL .One could have just kept the cameras and said nothing .There is more to this story and I am of the opinion its not as innocent as being presented by the Police.
    If you believe the Police are there to protect us, ask the people around Industrial Wind Turbines how that’s working for them. The Police are there to protect the Corporations and the Government not us.

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