CTV Barrie on “Cameragate” charges

Watch the CTV news clip here.

Click image above to go to CTV Barrie site to watch news clip.

Good coverage of recent developments including the raid on the farm the friday before last, right up to the news that Michael will be charged for stealing the cameras that he reported to police. Story includes revelation that the purpose of the cameras WAS surveillance of Glencolton Farms.

Additional to the video:

Word is that Michael is due to report to local police Monday, Oct. 19th, to be fingerprinted, charged, and possibly put in jail due to this charge being a violation of his prior bail conditions (on the sheep-napping case).

But that’s the same day as the federal election. Concern is that if Michael is jailed, that news will be eclipsed by election coverage, and Michael will have been jailed without the public having noticed. Was this coincidence? Or did someone plan it that way?

Some worry that this phalanx of cases — milk, sheep, cameras — is evidence of a personal vendetta against Michael. Could it be there’s someone up there among the string pullers who doesn’t like Michael challenging the corporate hegemony over food, who doesn’t like the idea that there might be someone out there standing up against “the powers that be” and seemingly getting away with it.

Here’s that link to the CTV clip again, so you can watch it yourself.


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