“Durham Five” charged for actions at October 2 raid at Glencolton Farms

From Kirk Scott on Blackburn News:

Photo of Michael Schmidt, John Schurr and Robert Pinnell is from Blackburn News.

“Four people along with Michael Schmidt have been charged related to the raid on a Durham area raw milk operation last month.

Provincial officials along with police raided a raw milk operation near Durham on October 2nd.

A large crowd of Schmidt supporters showed up and the raid was called off.

Now four men along with Schmidt are charged by West Grey police with obstructing justice.

Schmidt and two of the four others showed up at West Grey Police headquarters this morning for fingerprinting and mug shots.

Schmidt says if police are trying to intimidate his supporters, it’s liable to backfire….”

Read more on Blackburn News.


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2 responses to ““Durham Five” charged for actions at October 2 raid at Glencolton Farms

  1. From their actions, I can come to no other conclusion than the “authorities” are seriously mentally ill. They need full time care at a mental health facility if they ever hope to recover.

  2. Franky

    Oops! I guess the “we won” was a bit premature.
    I personally prefer civility over anarchy/group power. I have to give high marks to the officials for de-escelating the scene at the farm, even though it appears they would have been in the right to use force.My congrats to the officials, and my disappointment in those who still believe in the primitive virtue of a pitch fork gang form of justice (entirely subjective). (Not that my opinion is of any weight, but hopefully it will make some think…) [edit] But at least some can claim and be seen as courageous 😦

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