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“It’s Not Illegal to Drink Raw Milk” – Michael Schmidt at Queen’s Park

From Ashley Csanady in The National Post:


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“What’s white and illegal and the subject of government raids?

It’s raw milk — unpasteurized — straight from the farm to your table.

For more than two decades, Michael Schmidt has been fighting the Ontario government — and others across the country — for the right to sell raw milk. Just last month his farm in Durham Region was the subject of another raid — the fifth standoff with ministry of natural resource and agriculture officials he can remember since his battle began in 1994.

After years of legal wrangling — he took an appeal of one of his provincial convictions all the way to the Supreme Court, which opted in 2014 to not hear his case — Schmidt said he’s fed up. He told a Queen’s Park press conference on Wednesday that his campaign isn’t a matter of questioning the value of pasteurization and the safety it provides, but allowing consumers the choice to make their own decisions….”

More in the National Post.

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Signing of Food Rights Declaration Tomorrow Nov. 26 at Queen’s Park


Declaration of Food Rights on side of Glencolton Farms milk van, with lots of room for people to sign it tomorrow, November 26th, 2015, starting at 1 pm at Queen’s Park, in downtown Toronto.

“In response to the escalating government enforcement against dairy farmers providing fresh milk to their communities, community members are declaring and standing up for their food rights.

Enforcement over the past 21 years has included raiding farms and cow share programs designed to connect farmers to the consumers who want the products.

“It is the people who want the fresh milk who are leading this,” Schmidt says. “They have bought the cows, they have equitable ownership and rights. The government is saying that they cannot have the products on their own farm and from their own animals. The people are saying they are going to anyway and suffer the consequences. Now it is time for the government to change their aggressive and unlawful policy on raw milk.”

BACKGROUND:Since 1994 Schmidt’s Glencolton farm was raided by multiple Government agencies. Since that first raid, Schmidt has tried to work extensively with the legislature, the Premier the Courts and people of Ontario to change the policy in regards to raw milk.” — text from the Facebook event page for this event.


The bigger view.


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