“It’s Not Illegal to Drink Raw Milk” – Michael Schmidt at Queen’s Park

From Ashley Csanady in The National Post:


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“What’s white and illegal and the subject of government raids?

It’s raw milk — unpasteurized — straight from the farm to your table.

For more than two decades, Michael Schmidt has been fighting the Ontario government — and others across the country — for the right to sell raw milk. Just last month his farm in Durham Region was the subject of another raid — the fifth standoff with ministry of natural resource and agriculture officials he can remember since his battle began in 1994.

After years of legal wrangling — he took an appeal of one of his provincial convictions all the way to the Supreme Court, which opted in 2014 to not hear his case — Schmidt said he’s fed up. He told a Queen’s Park press conference on Wednesday that his campaign isn’t a matter of questioning the value of pasteurization and the safety it provides, but allowing consumers the choice to make their own decisions….”

More in the National Post.

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