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Giving water to pigs leads to charges and threat of ten years in prison

“A Canadian animal rights activist has been charged with criminal mischief in a preliminary hearing after she tried to give water to pigs heading to the slaughter house on a hot summer day in June.
The animals were in a truck when Toronto resident Anita Krajnc, 48, attempted to give them water – her actions leading to a brawl with the driver of the truck.

A video of the incident shows Krajnc shouting at the driver: “Jesus said, ‘If they are thirsty, give them water.’” The driver then responds: “You know what? These are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad,” and threatens to call 911.

Call Jesus,” Krajnc says, as the driver then demands: “What you got in that water?”.

The owner of the pigs, Ontario farmer Eric Van Boekel, filed a police complaint the day after the incident. He said his pigs were treated in accordance with all national standards and regulations.

That, however, is exactly the point of discontent for Krajnc, who founded organization Toronto Pig Save “to bear witness [to the] suffering of animals in transport and at slaughterhouses.”

Krajnc believes that Canada is behind the rest of the Western world when it comes to animal transportation regulations.

Everyone knows that compassion is not a crime. In fact, I did nothing wrong when I gave water to thirsty pigs; many of you have given water to thirsty pigs, and we’ll continue to do that,” Krajnc said outside the courthouse in Milton, after the pre-trial procedure on November 4…”

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Quebec Maple Syrup Farmer Rebels against FPAQ’s Quota Restrictions

From Adreanne Williams on BBC news:

“Redheaded grandmother Angele Grenier doesn’t look much like a criminal, but she is one of Canada’s most wanted women.

And as such, she faces the likelihood of lengthy jail time, and fines of about 500,000 Canadian dollars ($368,000; £245,000).

Her crime? She’s a self-confessed smuggler and illegal dealer, someone who sells contraband across province lines.

But what exactly is she selling that has so incensed the Canadian authorities, and seen the police search her property? Drugs? Guns?

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Michael Schmidt’s Queen’s Park news conference video from Nov. 25th, 2015

Click here to watch video of Michael Schmidt’s Nov. 25th news conference.


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