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“Final standoff has begun” says raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, of latest court injunctions received this week

From Bayshore Broadcasting, Thurs. Jan. 28th, 2016:

“Durham area raw milk producer Michael Schmidt has received two injunction notices from York Region and the Attorney General on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural affairs.

Schmidt says the blanket injunctions name himself, his wife and son — as well as any “John Doe” producing and distributing raw milk in Ontario.

He says it would basically make it a crime for any farmer in the province to hand over raw milk to a neighbour and he plans to fight the injunctions in a Newmarket court March 16th.

Michael Schmidt has been fighting for the right to distribute raw milk for roughly 2 decades and says it feels like “the final standoff has begun.”…”

Read more of the story on Bayshore Broadcasting, which is so far the only media outlet that seems to be reporting it.

The 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium takes place this afternoon, Jan. 30th, starting at 1 pm. A TV Ontario production crew was planning to attend.


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TV Crew and Mark McAfee Visiting with Glencolton Farmshare Members Jan. 26

TUESDAY JANUARY 26: Today in Thornhill, several Glencolton farmshare member were interviewed by a television crew for an upcoming program on TV Ontario (photo below). TVO will also be sending a camera crew to cover the Raw Milk Symposium in Guelph this Saturday, January 30th.

TVO producer Liane Kotler interviews farmshare members at “The Blue Bus”.

Mark McAfee flew in from California to Canada this week for the Raw Milk Symposium this coming Saturday and stopped by to chat today with the farmshare members as well. That’s Mark, in the photo below, signing the food rights declaration on the side of the Glencolton Farms truck. Mark met with the farmshare members together with his wife Blaine who will also be presenting at this weekend’s Symposium. Thanks to David Pickett for the photo.

Mark runs a large raw milk farm and dairy in California and has been active in helping establish standards for raw milk production in the U.S. through the RAWMI organization.


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Raw Milk Symposium Jan. 30, Guelph


by | January 24, 2016 · 10:05 pm

Interview with Michael Schmidt


About the renewed attack on raw milk

About the focused attempt to get Michael behind bars

About the courage of Cow-, Herd-, Farm-Share members

About internet rants worthy to take note of

About moooving forward against all odds and signing the Food Rights Declaration Continue reading


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Raw Milk Symposium 2016, Guelph

Building Bridges for a Canadian Raw Milk Policy

The 2016 Raw Milk Symposium will take place Saturday January 30, 2016, 1-4:30pm, at the University of Guelph, in the Rozanski Hall Room 103. Admission will be $20 at the door.

Join us for an intriguing afternoon of presentation and discussion with Mark McAffee, Nadine Iljaz, Karen Selick and Blaine McAfee to find out what you want to look for when obtaining Raw Milk. Find out more about safe raw milk production Standards and the current Canadian and International laws that surround it. This is a suitable conversation for producers, scientists. Politicians and consumers alike.

There will also be one last chance to sign the Declaration of Food Rights at the Symposium before it is sent off to Kathleen Wynne.

Mark is the founder and CEO of McAfee Farms and Organic Pastures Dairy Company.
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