Health Policy Researcher Nadine Ijaz at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium

From The Corporate Mystic on YouTube:


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6 responses to “Health Policy Researcher Nadine Ijaz at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium

  1. Greetings Nadine!
    As an American I’d be most interested and appreciative to know whether Canadians ever had a time when they were free of external government in any way that can be likened unto the freedom that Americans obtained after their Revolution. I would count this status of Canadians as an essential background for a greater “frame” in considering “policy”.

  2. always impressed with Nadine. And most impressed with the non-violent communication facilitation opportunity she managed well, way to go.

    I did notice that the sole consideration of raw milk was about `table ready`non pasteurized consumption. Considering that comparisons are being made with other foods, that are offered under different policy umbrellas (such as `table ready foods`) I would have thought such consideration would be included, and am curious as to why it is not. In other words, is policy consideration different if raw milk is NOT considered `table ready`and made available for raw consumption Q If it were in fact like eggs which are sold raw with a general understanding that consumers will pastuerize or prepare their food

    • access does not mean consumption

    • just a reader

      This sounds like it’s trying to find a loop-hole, by convincing government that “We’re going to home-pasteurized it anyway.” No government decision-maker or policy analyst is this stupid, to think that this stuff will be cooked, used solely as “pet-food,” or applied as “cosmetics.” It just insults their intelligence to try to present fresh milk is this way, to think that they are stupid enough to believe that it’s going to be cooked before being consumed.

      As the raw milk community was told by the Hon. Norm Letnick, B.C. Minister of Agriculture, in October 2014: “You have to find a way through it, not around it as you have been doing.” In other words, work to change the law, not try to find loopholes to get around the law.

  3. actually, I don`t thing that is the correct assessment. I did not refer to pet food or cosmetics. I am actually referring to the status of `table ready foods`. Many of those that access raw milk, actually get it cause that is what they are cultural use to, to prepare their foods and take care of their families needs. Many of these people pasteurize their milk! South Asians are a perfect example.

    I don`t believe it is in any way illegitimate or in-genuine to suggest that consumers have the ability to cook their food. It is the same thing for eggs and meat, of which many people will eat raw, and public safety agencies hold the position and instruction of food preparation.

    In addition, egg and meat industries are not found to advocate for the consumption of their products raw, even though they are aware that many do. It represents a liability issue, as it does for raw milk producers.

    Leave it up to raw milk advocates such as Weston A Price people to make those suggestions, not raw milk producers! Raw Milk producers would be better off to inform all consumers of their products what the position is of the local health authority, and appropriate instructions.

    But I digress.

    The ability and power for the public to prepare their food according to a standard, position suggestion, or convention is very possible, and in fact, is quite a common practice already.

    • moosemeadows

      I would like to also point out, that many countries around the world, that where raw milk is available, do not presume that it’s “table ready”. As there is a long tradition of raw milk preparation.

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