MP Larry Miller says it’s time to regulate the sale of raw milk

From the Owen Sound Sun Times:

“Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller says it’s time to regulate the sale of raw milk.

“It isn’t about whether you like Michael Schmidt or don’t like Michael Schmidt or whether you want to consume raw milk or you don’t want to consume raw milk. The ultimate thing that needs to happen here is for the province to get off its fanny and regulate raw milk,” Miller said after a visit to the Schmidt farm on Wednesday.

“I was raised on it, my kids were raised on it and there isn’t one dairy farmer in my riding that I know of that doesn’t drink milk from their own cows. So what’s the difference . . . If people want that choice then let them have that choice, but put regulations in place that make it safe to drink,” he added.

Miller and Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker toured Schmidt’s Durham area farm at Schmidt’s invitation. Miller says he found the operation as clean and safe as he’s seen anywhere.

Walker said he appreciated the information that Schmidt provided about the growing acceptance of raw milk in many of the American states and across Europe, including England.

“Safety has to be paramount but if there is a way to do this safely then I think it should be studied. Maybe the federal government agricultural committee does a study and gets some conclusion . . . let science rule rather than politics or hyperbole and go from there,” he said.

Miller said cleanliness is paramount.

“I used to milk cows myself and we kept our facilities very clean; you have to do that when you’re selling to the public and Michael’s is as clean or cleaner that most I’ve seen . . . nobody can say that his facilities are not OK,” said Miller.

Miller said there have been advances in technology since the 1930s when the sale and distribution of raw milk was banned in Ontario.

“We haven’t heard of anyone of Michael’s cow share owners being sick, so obviously if you do it right, and I believe Michael is doing it right, as far as safety goes,” said Miller, who noted that some people prefer  to consume only organic vegetables, or organically grown meat or cereals….”

Read more in the Owen Sound Sun Times.


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8 responses to “MP Larry Miller says it’s time to regulate the sale of raw milk

  1. How about the idea that it’s time to have NO REGULATIONS on raw milk?

    How about the idea that men are free to contract with others for products without government getting in the way? That was the promise of the Declaration of Independance.

    Another name for not having that right is slavery….

    • just a reader

      Can you prove, Inalienable, that an unregulated raw milk market will prevent outbreaks? How about compared to the many nations and states where raw milk is regulated?

      EVERY food in Canada is a regulated product under the law. There are no exceptions. Do you want raw milk to be the sole exemption? What, as a food, gives it this special right?

      Also, your “Declaration of Independence” Is not applicable up here. Canada was in-part founded by proud United Empire Loyalists.

  2. Tom Johnston

    Hey, this sounds great! A move towards regulated raw milk. Nothing better than having more government. No need for responsibility. No need for our rights. We’ll only need to do what the government will tell us to do. Three cheers for the nanny state (and the upcoming associated tax hikes).

  3. Peter

    Michael, I’m wondering… Is regulated raw milk what is wanted? And if so, I’m trying to understand how that correlate with “Food Freedom, yes!” and “Responsibility, yes”.

    • just a reader

      Peter, this is indeed the question: What do Canadians want? The current situation where there are no standards or rules surrounding raw milk production other than prohibition and where all farmers are at-risk of prosecution, or where there are standards and farmers may operate openly and with confidence that they are at no risk of receiving a cease-and-desist order for simply existing? What should it be?

      • Peter

        Thanks for the question. The problem is, whatever I say, Michael will just say: “that’s always what I’ve said”, or “that’s always what I’ve been about”. He plays it grey (ambiguous), so that when he needs it to be black (rights), he’ll claim that. Or when he needs it to be white (safety), he’ll play that. In any case, he’ll claim it (as though he was always clear in his righteousness). It’s the standard conduct of a politician. I’ve learned my lesson – see Mathew 7:6
        If you are a producer, and you really want to know ‘what it should be’, I’d be happy to share. But not on this platform. Sorry…

      • What people want in any country is irrelevant. What people want is called a democracy, one of the most dangerous and unsustainable forms of government that exists.

        The question should always be: Is government protecting my inalienable rights or is it trampling them? Nothing else matters, and least of all “what people want”.

  4. In a free market “responsibility” translates to laws that we have had forever. Laws where if someone damages you in some way, you then take them to court and sue for damages.

    BTW —- I am very encouraged that the comments here have morphed over the past few years, from the mindset of slaves begging for permissions, to the mindset of free men demanding their rights. 🙂

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