WANTED — for defending raw milk?

Michael Schmidt’s introduction to the story (from Facebook):

“This is one of the courageous farmers who came to the last milk raid. He is now hunted down by our local police force of West Grey. West Grey Police is known to investigate break ins, know who did the break in and dont do anything about it. I get story after story from local people mad as hell how police would not do anything, does not follow up and does not arrest people for committing these real criminal acts.

And here they play big wanna-be cops to find George. Everybody knows where George is. The story is getting more and more intersting by the day. George thank you for standing up. All they trying now is to criminalize a peaceful protest. Criminalize raw milk and criminalize farmers…”

From the Owen Sound Sun Times story:

“West Grey Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating George Hugh Bothwell. Bothwell, 69, is wanted for obstructing a peace officer, which stems from an occurrence on Oct. 2 in the Municipality of West Grey….”

What happened on Oct 2

Other people charged in connection with the Oct 2 “standoff”

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  1. Are people finally beginning to understand that our governments, from top to bottom, are run by the globalists?

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