Raw Milk on Trial in Canada… again!

From Liz Reitzig, on Nourishing Liberty blog:

Mothers, Farmers face possible arrest in Canada with raw milk trial; court proceedings set to begin March 16

Raw milk trial in Canada–Famous Canadian dairy farmer, Michael Schmidt, his wife, Elisa Vander Hout, and son, Markus Schmidt are each named in an injunction for permanently ceasing production and distribution of raw milk in Ontario.

Also targeted are the individual herdshare owners as “Jane Doe and John Doe.” Join March 16 Peaceful Demonstration Courthouse in Newmarket (Near Toronto) to prevent ban on even “counselling” raw milk distribution. If you are not able to be there, consider a donation to help cover legal expenses.

The injunction reads, in part,

“An interim and permanent injunction restraining and enjoining the Respondents and any and all persons having knowledge of the injunction Order from directly or indirectly, by any means whatsoever:

Offering for sale, selling or distributing, delivering or counseling others to offer for sale, sell, deliver or distribute unpasteurized milk and unpasteurized milk products…” (page 4, (b) and (i)

“An Order that any police service or peace officer be authorized to arrest, or arrest and remove, any person who has knowledge of this order and who the police service or peace officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe is contravening or has contravened the provisions of the Order, and for greater certainty, such a police service or peace officer retains his or her discretion to decide whether to arrest or remove any person pursuant to the Order.”

Page 5 (d)

By implicating “Jane Doe” and “John Doe,” for the first time, the Canadian government is allowing it to pertain to anyone involved, including mothers. Canadian mothers are now explicitly threatened with arrest simply for participating in a herdshare. This is a new low, even for Canada, to hold raw milk trial in such a way.

As one raw milk proponent and herdshare owner, Angela Kang, says, “What is safe raw milk to me? It is my direct, unadulterated connection to the Earth that feeds my family and me. It is as intimate of a relationship as my relationship with my God. We are supposed to be a country of peace and tolerance and acceptance. No government in a free country should interfere with this.”

If you are anywhere near Canada, join the mothers, farmers and community in celebration of food rights as they gather to celebrate the connection they have with their food.

About the purpose of the rally, Kang says, “We envision farmers peacefully feeding their communities so we and future generations may be nurtured by the gifts of the land. And in turn nurture the earth through our inherent connections. The goal of this rally and celebration is to bring this vision to the front and stand empowered to proudly participate in our communities through peaceful food production and food distribution.”…”

Read more on “Nourishing Liberty”.

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