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Will the Injunction Shut Down Glencolton Farms and Raw Milk?

As with all the content published on the Bovine, this article represents the views and opinion of the author, and not necessarily that of the editor, or of Michael Schmidt, or of Glencolton Farms, or of the raw milk movement generally. Editorially, our philosophy is that entertaining a diversity of perspectives helps folks to find the truth for themselves. – Ed.

By Lyndon Kirkley

We need to look to the government, not the courts, to protect Glencolton Farms.

Glencolton Farms, which has been of great value so many of us, could be fully shut down by an injunction which the Attorney General of Ontario is seeking from court. The community which supports Glencolton Farms must unite to oppose this injunction, otherwise we risk losing the access to raw milk which we have been defending since 2006.

The injunction against the farm is specific. It seeks to shut down the production and distribution facilities on the farm. It would prevent Glencolton Farms from bringing us the milk and dairy products we value.

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What’s with Canada’s obsession over Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“When I think about Ontario’s latest legal steps to stamp out Michael Schmidt and raw milk, I think about the Shakespeare play, “Macbeth”.

“Out, damned spot,” Lady Macbeth demanded in frustration about imagined blood on her dress. It was really her guilt at work over her role in killing King Duncan.

“Who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him?” she asks about the dead king. Ontario authorities must be asking something similar about Schmidt,  22 years into their campaign to take him down. The latest actions include trying to jail him and four others for resisting the theft of his milk during a raid of his farm last October (obstruction of justice, they call it), and demanding an Ontario court bar him from even “counseling” people to drink raw milk (as part of a complete ban on raw milk distribution)….”

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