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B.C. Raw Milk Negotiations Underway

From the British Columbia Herdshare Association newsletter, Oct. 2015:

Advocating for the Herdshare Community — A Progress Report

Before BCHA was founded in June 2014, the raw milk community was surveyed to find out what services members wanted their new organization to provide. The answer was Support, Education, and Advocacy.

In July 2014, BCHA started its Advocacy program, to initiate dialogue with decision-makers about changing the laws, which make raw milk illegal in B.C. In July 2014, we wrote to Minister of Health Dr. Terry Lake: “We would like to request 10 minutes of your time, at your convenience, to discuss some ideas we would like to present for renewing and updating the regulation of unprocessed milk and dairy products. Our organization would like to talk about ways in which this safe, healthy, nutritious product could be provided legally to those consumers who wish to access it.”

In August 2014, a staff person responded, stating that the Minister was going to be extremely busy over the next few months, and a meeting wasn’t possible “at this time.” We asked if there were others in the Ministry who might be available, and a meeting took place in November 2014 with an assistant deputy minister and an executive director, to establish a dialogue where none had existed before. Continue reading


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