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Rally March 16, 8:30 am in Newmarket to Support Michael Schmidt, Raw Milk

From a recent news release from Kimberly Hartke:

Recent swat-style raids and arrest warrants on small farmers have inspired mothers and other activists to take their message, and a cow, to the courthouse where they plan to gather for a peaceful milk and cookies picnic. The rally will be at 8:30 am on March 16, 2016 Ontario Court of Justice 50 Eagle Street West in Newmarket Ontario.

The gathering will be followed by a court hearing to determine if an order will be issued to enforce the ban on distribution of raw milk in Ontario. Explicitly targeted by the application is anyone–mothers, farmers, fathers, health practitioners–who are engaged in distribution of raw milk or even ‘counseling others to….distribute unpasteurized milk.”              Continue reading


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A Mother’s Gratitude for Raw Milk

my-farm-my-food-milk265_zpspwiqah5dGlencolton Farms Farmshare member Mascha Perrone wrote this letter in October of 2015, around the time of Canadian Thanksgiving. And her husband took this picture to go along with it. The picture has since been used on the back of the Glencolton Farms van, and on posters and memes promoting food freedom. More recently we asked Mascha to write an introduction and an update to provide a bit more contemporary context to her letter. This is what she wrote:

Introduction: Six months ago I wrote the following letter to ask for answers to my questions and to invite the authorities to talk to me. To this day I have no answers to my questions and I have not been invited to talk to any of the people that represent me in the provincial or federal government.

I have high hopes that this New Year and this new government will bring me the dialogue and cooperation I expect to encounter in this democratic country. I truly wish that soon Glencolton Farms will once and for all be left in peace while continuing to farm biodynamically!

My Thanksgiving to Glencolton Farms

Over the past fourteen years, I have had the privilege to pick up my weekly allotment of dairy products and other wholesome, farm-fresh food from Glencolton Farms at a local drop-off site. First Michael Schmidt and now Elisa Schmidt have faithfully driven to this site so I, as a part owner of the farm, can receive my weekly share of food in a convenient manner. Continue reading


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