TVO raw milk documentary to air today, Easter Monday, March 28, 8 pm, 11 pm

TV Ontario producer Liane Kotler’s raw milk documentary airs tonight, Monday, March 28th at 8 pm and again at 11 pm, on Steve Paikin’s show, The Agenda.


TVO camera crew filming health policy researcher Nadine Ijaz, as she engages in a dialog in the course of the Guelph Raw Milk Symposium which was held this past January 2016

Hopefully at some future time it may be available for viewing online as well. The doc includes footage from the recent Guelph Raw Milk Symposium (January 2016) as well as interviews with farmshare members and academic experts.


Interviewing a farmshare family at the “Blue Bus”.

Liane’s TVO doc on raw milk is the latest in what’s become a long series of documentaries that have focused on the vortex of controversy around raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and his farm share members.


Professor Art Hill, speaking at the Guelph Symposium.


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5 responses to “TVO raw milk documentary to air today, Easter Monday, March 28, 8 pm, 11 pm

  1. Ian Graham

    I watched and was not impressed because the evidence was not presented that would support the official position that raw milk is inherently dangerous, not beneficial to human health in any substantial way and there was no footage of the pro milk researchers who were available to the film crew. shabby.

  2. Level Headed

    I watched it on the TVO website. If I put myself in the perspective of the average Joe watching it, I would have found it informative and helpful in understanding the whole raw milk debate. For the average Joe it was a good 15 minute summary.

  3. Zeb Landon

    I was mainly disappointed at how short the TVO segment was, for so much material they could have used. Did I miss something?

  4. thebovine

    One wonders whether the producer had control of the final cut, or whether the film was purposely biased in such a way as to not raise too many questions among the viewers. The footage of Nadine Ijaz’s presentation at the symposium was notably MIA (missing in action). Her content specifically addressed the assertions of raw milk’s supposed special hazardousness vis a vis other common types of foods.

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