“VAXXED” and “the Streisand Effect”

From the Levi Quackenboss blog:

“Surely you’ve heard a few times this month that Robert De Niro deselecting Andrew Wakefield’s movie VAXXED at Tribeca was the best thing that could have ever have happened to it.  Even though De Niro was kicking himself for his knee-jerk reaction on the Today Show last week in the greatest six-and-half-minute interview of all time, no one can deny that this has turned into quite the phenomenon.

I’m not going to lie– I was momentarily devastated when I saw the news that it was pulled three weeks ago. “Pharma wins again,” I thought.  “No surprise there.” I figured that the two-day ride that the movie had at the top of Facebook’s trending news was over; VAXXED would disappear into oblivion without anyone outside of our circle ever seeing it.

But I was wrong. It turns out that the act of yanking VAXXED from Tribeca, and all of the praise from the media that came along with it, catapulted VAXXED from being a film festival selection that only our side and their side was talking about and launched it into the stratosphere of being worldwide news.

And this made me laugh.  I have seen Andy Wakefield’s name– or a reference to him as a debunked author of a fraudulent paper– in mainstream media articles one after another, day after day, since 2011.  It was never-ending.  I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be him and have his name used as a scapegoat in every pharmaceutical PR piece posing as journalism.

And that is exactly mainstream media’s self-made problem that came from crapping on Wakefield each time they were hired to write about parents who refuse to sign off on the flu vaccine or Gardasil:

In their attempt to make Wakefield a despised household name over the last half-decade, the media created a situation for themselves where they couldn’t not write about his movie being selected for Tribeca or its subsequent deselection.

They had no choice.  They breathed life into this monster PR machine whose job it was to chew him up and spit him out, so quietly ignoring his little 90-minute government movie while it withered at an indy film fest where only 150 people would have seen it wasn’t going to be an option on their table….”

More on the Levi Quackenboss blog

Jon Rappoport has also been providing extensive ongoing coverage of the issues raised in VAXXED on his blog.

How can it be that America has the highest vaccination rate and the worst health?

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