Stop GM Alfalfa Campaign May 5th

From Toronto Non-GMO Coalition:

URGENT request from our ‪#‎farmers‬! They have asked consumers to speak up to help Stop ‪#‎GMO‬ ‪#‎alfalfa‬.
There are several ways to Take Action!
– Join the Thunderclap today:…/41291-stop-gm-alfalfa-contamin…

– Join the ‪#‎stopGMalfalfa‬ Twitter Storm THIS Thurs, May 5 from 7-9pm EST @NonGMOToronto

– Contact Canada’s Min of Agriculture,
Hon. Lawrence MacAulay directly
Call: 613-995- 9325
Urge him to stop the release of GM alfalfa seeds in Canada.

– And if you haven’t already, pls visit for more info & to send letters thru their server.

And from the Farm Start newsletter:

Some GM alfalfa seeds were sold this spring in Canada for the first time ever! Because of the threat of GM contamination, 15 farm organizations are asking the Minister of Agriculture to step in and stop any further release of GM alfalfa. Please add your voice!

Farmers use alfalfa to grow many of the foods we eat. It is in hay and pasture for dairy cows and other farm animals. It is also used to build the soil to grow grains. Bees pollinate alfalfa and this is only one reason why it will be hard to stop GM alfalfa from spreading where farmers and consumers don’t want it.

Help us to convince Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Lawrence MacAulay to take immediate action to #stopGMalfalfa!

Join the #stopGMalfalfa TWITTER STORM

Time:  7 to 9 p.m. EST

Date: THIS Thursday, May 5th

Twitter Hosts: @biotechaction (CBAN), @nonGMOToronto (Toronto Non-GMO Coalition), @rachelsnews (Kids Right to Know) and @the_bigcarrot (The Big Carrot Natural Food Market)

Hashtag: #stopGMalfalfa

Info Page: 

For those who have never participated in a Twitter Storm, it’s easy!

1. Simply be ready on Twitter before 7pm EST.

2. At 7pm sharp, you will see your Hosts’ opening messages, welcoming participants

to the #stopGMalfalfa Twitter Storm.

3. Soon you will notice new messages being tweeted by the organizers. This is your cue to STORM!

4. Re-tweet (RT) these messages or create your own, always using #stopGMalfalfa.

5. If you join the Storm after 7 p.m., just search #stopGMalfafa and you will see all the recent tweets. Go ahead & RT them all before you start tweeting new ones

REMEMBER – The goal of the Storm is to get the hashtag to trend AND for Minister MacAulay to hear us and take action!  So tweet as fast as you can, and as many as you can in the two-hour timeframe!

6. At the end of the Storm, the Hosts will thank everyone for their participation and support.

And that’s it! Between now and Thursday, don’t forget to upload the graphic at the top of this page and share it on social media, asking friends & followers to join the Twitter Storm.

If you want to participate but are unable to tweet between the given timeframe, you can use tweetdeck or hootsuite to schedule your tweets.

Thank You for helping to protect Canada’s family farms, 

our food and the environment!

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