Raw Milk Keeps on Flowing at OFOF


Our Farm Our Food members with their milk on Wednesday Sept. 28th after two days of court hearings. Those are documents from the court proceedings on the table in front of the truck.

There was a full parking lot of cars not long after 3 pm as those Our Farm Our Food members who could, arrived early for a media event which included a photoshoot with a table full of documents from the court proceedings earlier this week (photo above).


Newly-court-sanctioned Our Farm Our Food legal representative Skip Taylor, shows the book of affidavits to Our Farm Our Food (OFOF) members on Wednesday.

In case you’ve missed this week’s news so far, Michael , Elisa, Markus Schmidt, the Agricultural Renewal coop, and Our Farm Our Food coop were in court for two days this past Monday and Tuesday Sept. 26th and 27th, to argue motions.


OFOF legal rep Skip Taylor, flips through one of the volumes of documents from this past week’s court proceedings, in case there are any speed readers in the group behind the table.

The motion for Our Farm Our Food coop to be given intervener status in the proceedings was agreed on by all parties, and the motion to allow Lewis (Skip) Taylor to represent the coop at the proceedings was also approved by the judge, even though he is not a lawyer, and in spite of some objections by the other parties.


Court documents of evidence and disclosures, available for Our Farm Our Food members’ perusal.

However the motion by lawyer Davin Charney (representing the Church, ARC, Markus and Elisa) to convert the proceedings from an application (for an injunction) to an action (which could allow for trial by jury) was withdrawn after a day of presentation and objections because it became clear that it would likely not be granted by the judge.

Also, in a surprising development, around 11 o’clock on the second day, Elisa van der Hout and Michael Schmidt both withdrew themselves from the proceedings and said that as far as they were concerned, the applications for injunctions could go ahead, and that they were ready to be arrested and jailed as a result.

However, it seems the applications for injunctions will likely not be granted until after the next court date in December at the earliest, so arrests are likely not imminent.

You can read the story in more detail here: Day One | Day Two | News Release.


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