Prosecuting Farmer Michael Schmidt over raw milk has been “an udder waste” says National Post story

Perhaps in connection with the latest court appearance today and yesterday of five men charged in connection with the October 2, 2015 raid on Glencolton Farms, The National Post and the Financial Post have recently run stories highlighting the absurd amount of money which the government has been spending on prosecuting farmer Michael Schmidt and his friends over what amount to victimless crimes of supplying raw milk to people who want it.

Says Michael Schmidt: “Wow we found George. After 15 months on the lam he showed up in court to answer to charges against a Bothwell Hugh The judge instead of being happy to see him ordered him arrested. 5 riot cops took care of him and later we got happily re- United. He got released on his terms according to him.” That’s George in the middle between Michael Schmidt on the left and co-accused Robert Pinnell, on the right.

Above: all five of the accused gathered together for a photo during this past week’s court proceedings in Walkerton.

The trial this past Thursday and Friday was originally scheduled for all last week, but Michael Schmidt’s illness prompted a postponement until Thursday.

Before the trial, co-accused Robert Pinnell expressed doubt as to whether two days would be long enough for the proceedings which were to include the screening of video footage from the several videographers who were present at the scene of the alleged crime. According to Robert, because they were defending themselves rather than using a lawyer, the defendants had not received disclosure which included copies of the video footage, and he said that therefore they were going to need to screen all of it in court.

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