Second day of injunction application hearings for Glencolton Farms, May 30 — the hearing will continue on May 31


Neither rain nor sleet nor day-long court hearings….

Today, Tuesday May 30th was another full day of presentations by the Crown lawyers (representing Milk Director Gavin Downing) and by the lawyers for York Region (also representing Peel and Simcoe regions).

Which means the hearing is not over yet. It continues with presentations from the several respondents, and from Our Farm Our Food Coop (OFOF) as intervener, on Wednesday May 31st — probably all day — and then if that’s not enough time, the judge may be able to find another half day somewhere in his schedule. He apparently doesn’t have any longer times available until 2018.

They Come From Away

You meet the nicest people at raw milk trials and hearings. Yesterday and today we had the opportunity to meet Raoul Bedi who is originally from Ontario, but has been living in BC, where he has been helping promote the raw milk cause. Raoul occasionally contribute material to the Bovine, such as this recent article on legal terms.

Also at this hearing we have Liz Reitzig from Maryland (or somewhere in New England). She’s here to help Michael with media relations and whatnot.

And at the hearing today we had a couple of journalists from England interviewing farm-share members. Perhaps they’ve come to document the unbelievably quaint customs out here in the former colonies — such as the official total prohibition on raw milk. Canada’s the only G8 country to have that, as you may have heard.

Yesterday, a raw milk farmer from the Ottawa area who has been in the news not long ago — Michael Ilgert — made the 4 1/2 hour trek to Newmarket to show his support.

In the News:

Read the York Region Media Group story on the hearing, by Lisa Queen who was here Monday to interview people.

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