Michael Ilgert vows to fight to the end on raw milk battle with Health Dept.

Michael Ilgert posted the following on Facebook on July 24th at 5:19 pm: 

“Hello Friends! Today I had a court appearance in Pembroke. I have been charged with 5 offences under the Health and Protection Act of 1990 by the Renfrew County and District Health Unit. Their main hard evidence is that I sold 2 (two) litres of unpasteurized milk to a woman in Ottawa that emailed me several times looking to try some raw milk. I guess she was really working for the government. They want to take me to trial, put me out of business and give me heavy fines!!

This is all based on their misguided and ignorant belief that raw milk is inherently dangerous to human health…a blatant lie! The only thing that is totally legal and dangerous to human health is PASTEURIZED milk which less and less Canadians can digest without getting severely sick.

All the while raw milk, the healthiest food on the planet, is banned in this country.
Why do Canadian health officials think we are still in 1938 while the rest of the world has moved on?

What are your thoughts?

Then, at 11:45 pm he added:

“Hello Friends again. Many of you have asked what can you do to help with my legal issues regarding raw milk.

The three most important are:

1) Contact your MP and MPP and tell them that you support Canadians having the right to choose raw milk for themselves and their family

2) Send whatever you can to my GoFundMe/Ilgerts Organic Acres Fund page

3)Share my posts and requests with all your friends. Spread the message throughout Canada that small alternative farmers like me need their support to keep producing quality food.
Thank you so much for your support.”

In the June 2017 edition of Farmers Forum (Eastern Ontario and East Central Ontario’s leading farm newspaper), Connor Lynch published a story about Michael Ilgert titled “Raw Milk farmer vows to fight cease and desist order til the end”.

According to the story, Michael milks about 10 Jersey cows and supplies raw milk to about 70 cowshare member in the Killaloe area, about an hour and a half west of Ottawa. 

Regarding the status of Michael Ilgert’s legal battle with the health department the story says:

“He says that not only is the general public on his side, but most other farmers he talks to, even dairy farmers. “They say, ‘well, my family drinks raw milk right out of our bulk tank. What’s so wrong with it”. We’ve been doing that for generations.”

A Toronto appeal board upheld a ruling against Ilgert in March, which said that he had to comply with a cease and desist order from the Renfrew County Health Unit to stop distributing raw milk. Ilgert refused and will continue to distribute raw milk, he said. When that ruling was upheld, he says, that left the field open for him to be raided any time, just as soon as the health unit has a warrant.

“I don’t know what they’re going to take. They can dump the milk, but I’ll have another 50 liters in 24 hours. They can take my milker, and there are a couple of places in Cobden where I can get another one. They’re not going to take my tractor because 24 officers can’t even figure out how to start it.

“I’m fighting til the end.”

You can read the full story on the Farmers Forum.

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