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Michael Schmidt Out on Bail Pending Appeal in Obstruction Case, etc.


Raw Milk activist and farmer Michael Schmidt is currently out on bail after having served a few weekends worth of the 60-day jail sentence that was handed down last month in Walkerton court following his conviction on charges of obstruction of a peace officer during a raid on Glencolton Farms in October of 2015.

Michael posted the photo above on the Support Michael Schmidt Facebook page, which is where you should go to find the latest breaking news about Michael Schmidt and raw milk in Ontario. You do need to open a free Facebook account to be able to access that page.

Merry Christmas

Michael posted the picture on Dec. 25th, as a Christmas greeting to folks who’ve been following his struggle to establish raw milk on a legal basis in Ontario, these past 25 years or so.

Earlier this month, Glencolton Farms hosted a very successful Christkindl Market in support of the Edgehill School. Christmas markets are all in rage in places like Toronto, and it’s wonderful to hear that so many people made the journey out to the country to attend the Christmas market at Glencolton Farms.

Michael Schmidt’s Not the only Raw Milk Farmer in the News

Meanwhile, over Ottawa way, farmer Michael Ilgert has been working to educate people about raw milk, doing radio interviews, most recently with Evan Solomon on CFRA AM 580, and being written up in the Ontario Farmer newspaper, on account of his ongoing conflict with public health regulators, regarding raw milk.

About those Proposed Injunctions against Raw Milk

We’d heard a while back that the case of the injunctions that had been applied for against raw milk by the Ontario Milk Director and by the Region of York and other regions, was to have been decided in December of 2017.

However, the Crown asked to have the opportunity to add some more input on the case — presumably the results of Michael’s trial in Walkerton for obstruction, in which he was in the end convicted and sentenced.

So then we heard that a decision on those injunctions was expected by Jan. 5th, and then later we heard that the decision was expected between Christmas and New Years. And now it’s New Year’s eve.

Where Did all the Pictures Go?

If you see old Bovine posts with missing pictures, it’s because we made the mistake (in retrospect) of hosting those pictures on Photobucket, a site that seemed like it was catering to people who wanted to host pictures to post elsewhere.

Fast forward a few years and the management at Photobucket decides they want to start charging people $400 a year to host pictures to be posted elsewhere — something they had earlier been doing for free. Here at the Bovine, we’re running on a shoestring budget, and don’t have $400 to spend keeping our pictures up.

So for new posts, we’ve switched to as a new photo host. They were recommended to us by someone in the IT business, and so far they seem to be just great.

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