This page is intended to help readers find the good stuff, of whatever sort they’re particularly looking for, among the many posts that make up The Bovine — 180 posts as of Nov. 6th, 2008.

The Bovine’s Greatest Hits:

Our new most popular story of all time (up to Dec 6, 2008) is the story of the SWAT-style raid on Manna Storehouse coop in Ohio. We’ve done three posts on this story, with increasing amounts of detail, as it became available:

ODA “swats” Manna Storehouse coop

More on ODA’s Manna Storehouse raid

Manna Storehouse SWAT part 3

Our story on raw chocolate and the North American Union was once the most popular of all time on The Bovine. And I must say, I also think it’s a pretty good piece, although it’s not about raw milk, not directly at least.

But more popular still are the pages About and Pasteur. Kudos to Winnifred for the idea to do something to explain the quote from Pasteur. After all, a lot of the discussion around raw milk centres around the merits and demerits of pasteurization, and a good historical perspective on the matter can only help clarify things.

Staff Pics:

Bookstores have those; why not The Bovine. These are stories I’d particularly like to draw to the attention of readers because either they’re unusually well written, include important information, or some combination of the above. Partly I’m picking them because I think they might tend to get overlooked in the large volume of other posts:

This is one of the best stories I’ve read on raw milk; and I’ve read a lot of them.

And this is another of the best stories I’ve read on raw milk. These are the two best. Yes even better than the story in Harpers, although that one’s not bad either.

This story on Beta Casein A1 and A2 is somewhat technical but it brings out significant findings — like “is there something genetically wrong with milk from Holstein cows —  that I have seen only on Gordon Watson’s site, from where I excerpted a lot of this piece. Nobody else I’ve seen is talking about this stuff — in the northern hemisphere at least.

And this is such a sweet and poignant story that I find myself thinking about it again and again. It highlights an important cultural difference that sometimes we might tend to overlook, and one that is somehow key to the mission of raw milk. Sure, go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. But read it first.

More to follow

12 responses to “Index

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  2. Chris Tan

    I am living in HongKong and would like to know where in Lantau I can buy the raw milk ?
    Please be so kind and reply to me.

  3. Aaron

    I found a recent article that I thought you might be interested, but I can’t find contact details on this site:

  4. Barbara Morgan

    How does one sign up to receive this Newsletter?

  5. I live in Pickering, Ontario. I have contacted the Weston A Price rep in Eat Toronto. I thought for sure that he would help me along. No luck there.
    How can I go about this? Maybe time to start a WAPF chapter in Pickering.
    Can you help?

  6. James

    I’m looking for raw milk also, and having absolutely no luck so far.
    I’m in Montreal, if you can refer me somewhere.

  7. Mary Jo

    If you go to the site, there are locations listed there nearest you. They have lists of contacts all over the world. And remember, often there are car-pools set up. It’s worth it.

    Another way is to become a member of Cowshare Canada, through the Glen Colton Farms site. I’m not sure if the fee for consumers is different then producers, contact them for that info.

  8. rai mahi

    where i can buy raw milk,

  9. rai mahi

    vaughan or king city

  10. Dorothy Bendsen

    CBC -the story I am referring to was posted on line Dec 7@ 6:20 AM
    This was my reply to the CBC article

    Come on CBC give me a break your readers are smarter than this give us some credit!!!

    I always until lately held CBC in high regard but the past several articles I have been reading are showing that CBC is now in the habit of making judgments and showing support for one side instead of just stating the news regarding cases that have been before the courts and in the news, remember all these cases that CBC is reporting on are public record.

    Most recently re the Raw Milk case, Fraser Health was in court asking for things that had already been permitted and enforced by the courts note:- a bit of education for CBC – many opposing council on both sides attempt this as a tactic in court when the case they represent is faltering or they are wasting time as they are not prepared. Further evidence of this is the fact that the Fraser Health lawyer had not been submitting material in a timely fashion or at all to the other side, then argued that opposing councils reply is late, thereby wasting everyone’s time and running up a huge legal bill for the taxpayers from the never ending supply of taxpayers money.

    What is the real story here? Fraser Health and their continue harassment of a local business that the community as a whole supports? Fraser Health and the fact that somehow they got the power to change our laws while the government was out for the summer and the issues could not be heard. Maybe its the milk marketing board flexing their muscles and demanding payment for all the money they shove into lobbies there by holding politicians hostage. Or the fact that Fraser Health said they were not going to proceed until the constitutional challenge had been met and now they are. Really when it comes down to it this is not about milk at all!! This is about rights and freedoms and it will be very interesting if the next uprising for civil rights starts over a glass of milk . I personally find this whole issue insane how can any government stop people from drinking raw milk from there own cows when they are at the same time collecting taxes on booze, tobacco and are in the first stages of legalizing pot. Hey how about we set up certified areas where these milk drinking rebels can go every morning with their cornflakes to get their fix of raw milk in a safe secure zone with no harassment and lots of supervision so they don’t waste taxpayers money by stealing milk from cows and overrunning the court system with the never-ending criminal charges that will come from holding cows hostages for the milk man,, the milk.

    Musings from a non milk drinking Canadian

    (except in my coffee)

    Dorothy Bendsen

  11. Alexandra Crook

    Hi there,
    I was led to your website by a friend of mine who mentioned you may have resources to help in how to organize a city wide movement to ban GMOs and become GE free. Any help you may be able to offer would be sincerely appreciated.
    I live in Lethbridge, Alberta and recently organized the March against Monsanto here.

    Thank you for your help

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