Stop GM Alfalfa Campaign May 5th

From Toronto Non-GMO Coalition:

URGENT request from our ‪#‎farmers‬! They have asked consumers to speak up to help Stop ‪#‎GMO‬ ‪#‎alfalfa‬.
There are several ways to Take Action!
– Join the Thunderclap today:…/41291-stop-gm-alfalfa-contamin…

– Join the ‪#‎stopGMalfalfa‬ Twitter Storm THIS Thurs, May 5 from 7-9pm EST @NonGMOToronto Continue reading

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Is dairy industry “mafia” seeking to criminalize raw milk to protect an industry monopoly?

Since 2006, efforts to suppress raw milk initiatives in both Canada and the U.S. have seemingly moved in lock-step. The 2006 raid at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms was echoed by a similar style of crackdown on herd share farmers south of the border.

Even in States like California, where raw milk was and is already legal, it has been the target of far more than its share of regulatory attention in recent years.

Here in Canada we had the case of a meat packing company which killed several people a few years ago, and yet much more enforcement resources seem to have been directed towards raw milk, which has killed no one and is of lower risk than many other common foods.

One wonders who it is that doesn’t like raw milk, and why. Here in Ontario, one might imagine that the so-called “Dairy Farmers of Ontario” have had something to do with all the naysaying.

Perhaps they feel that raw milk is incompatible with, or a threat to, the supply management system that underpins the value of their milk quota, and the security of their livelihood. Continue reading

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Liz Reitzig shares her impressions from her recent visit to Glencolton Farms

From Liz Reitzig on the Nourishing Liberty blog:

“Perhaps it was the simplicity that made me smile. Or maybe it was the newness—I’d never heard a pre-meal blessing that was so simple. But there it was, we were all sitting around the table at Glencolton Farms saying this blessing before a steaming bowl of carrot and ginger soup topped with all the sour cream we could want. A wheel of freshly made brie and homemade rolls dripping with fresh butter and glasses full of fresh, creamy milk completed the meal. “Wow,” I thought. “Does food really get any better than this? Certainly this prayer works. We have in front of us all the goodness and abundance one could want in their food!”

Here I was, eating a meal that was produced mainly on this farm. The butter, sour cream and milk, all came from these cows. The cheese was from their milk and made right there. The bread, baked in the bakery downstairs, and the soup—made from their own carrots and chicken stock. Continue reading

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“VAXXED” and “the Streisand Effect”

From the Levi Quackenboss blog:

“Surely you’ve heard a few times this month that Robert De Niro deselecting Andrew Wakefield’s movie VAXXED at Tribeca was the best thing that could have ever have happened to it.  Even though De Niro was kicking himself for his knee-jerk reaction on the Today Show last week in the greatest six-and-half-minute interview of all time, no one can deny that this has turned into quite the phenomenon.

I’m not going to lie– I was momentarily devastated when I saw the news that it was pulled three weeks ago. “Pharma wins again,” I thought.  “No surprise there.” I figured that the two-day ride that the movie had at the top of Facebook’s trending news was over; VAXXED would disappear into oblivion without anyone outside of our circle ever seeing it. Continue reading

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NEW: Petition for Raw Milk in Canada

Via Christine Harris, on Facebook. At time of posting, it looks like there are 45 signature in all, 28 of them from Ontario. Will this be effective, or influential? Who knows? Maybe you have another idea that could contribute to moving the needle on this issue:

Official milk petition to Canadian government calling on the Canadian government to allow real, fresh milk to be regulated and available as it is in many other countries. Canadians of any age may sign. Will you take a few seconds and show your support?

500 signatures needed for the Minister of Health to look at this. Feel free to share.

Video on Real Milk –

Petition to the Government of Canada…


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The raw milk issue in Ontario is no longer just about Michael Schmidt

In spite of the massive public profile Michael has gained over the past twenty years he has been advocating for raw milk and the freedom to choose it, the raw milk access issue in Ontario is much bigger than Michael Schmidt.

And The Bovine’s change of masthead picture reflects that reality. The young woman in the new cover picture is milking a cow in a jurisdiction where anyone can buy raw milk in a store, just like they would buy any other kind of milk. By the way, that’s in California, where Mark McAfee farms (though this picture is not from his farm).

Of course, the fact that this woman is clearly milking the cow by hand should be your first clue that this is not a commercial operation. Yes, this is taking place on a real farm which provides food (vegetables) for other people, but the cow and the milk are just for those who live on the farm and share in the work. Continue reading

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Notice of Comment Policy Change

If you’ve been out and about on the interwebs you may have noticed that many websites have shut down their comment sections. I’m sure there are many reasons for this development. Spam, trolls, flame wars, and the ongoing time demands of moderation are no doubt among them.

As of today, the Bovine will no longer be posting comments, except in exceptional circumstances. However, readers are still welcome to use the comment process to message the Editor. In fact, since we don’t check our email that often, “posting” a comment is probably the best way to get  a message through. Just don’t expect it to appear on the site.

If you want a public forum to discuss material which is posted on the Bovine and you don’t have your own blog or website yet, there’s always social media — ie Facebook, Twitter etc.

Continue reading

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