Raw vs Pasteurized

Glencolton Farms starts its own study of Raw Milk vs Pasteurized

Experimental subject Mr Pasteur is on pasteurized milk

Experimental subject Mr. Rawky is on raw milk.

So just because no universities that we’ve heard of are undertaking such studies doesn’t mean they won’t be carried out by concerned citizens. In the story that follows, Michael Schmidt outlines Glencolton Farms’ latest foray into the realm of scientific research:

“In 1995 I offered the Milk Marketing Board, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Health our farm as a research farm to explore together the effects of raw milk versus pasteurized milk.

Our first study in 1995 to 2006 was to produce milk safe for human consumption. It included years of baseline testing by an independent researcher for pathogens and also the absence of reported illnesses linked to our raw milk for 20 years.

Our second study started 4 weeks ago with 2 calves as you see them in the pictures.

They were born almost the same day, they received colostrum for two weeks and then were examined by a licensed veterinarian.

After his examination we changed the feeding to pasteurized homo milk for the one calf, which we call Mr. Pasteur.

The other calf we call Mr. Rawky and is fed only raw milk.

We are working together with some of our chefs in Toronto to also evaluate the meat and do blind tasting in the restaurant.

We will bring here on the Bovine updates on the progress of this feeding trial. We will have monthly evaluation reports written by our licensed veterinarian.

We also will have another research trial starting in January 2010 with 6 pairs of rats. Three pairs will be fed pasteurized milk and the other three raw milk. This research trial will be a multi- generational trial and we will invite our expert pathologist Dr Ted Beals from Michigan to examine all the animals in respect to organ development and appearance.

Both research trials are under the supervision of Elisa VanderHout B.Sc. (Agr) with a specialty in Animal Science.”

— Michael Schmidt

Read a report on the results of the study, here in this post

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  1. Laurie Hedrington

    I am trying to find a phone # for Max Kane. I read an article in our newspaper about him curing his Chron’s Disease by drinking raw milk. My son has Chron’s and I would really like to talk to Mr. Kane. If someone could help me get in contact with him I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Laurie Hedrington

    • Max Kane

      Max Kane can be reached via drinkrawmilk@gmail.com

    • chris Tan

      Hi Laurie, to cure Crohn’s desease needs lots of fresh enzymes. Call up Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, they know all about how to cure it. Raw Milk is definitely perfect as well.

    • Mary D

      I don’t know the person you are looking for but I do know, from personal experience, that pure honey dew (oligosaccharide) will be of great assistance – start with 1/2 tps per day and increase/decrease depending on results

    • While the pro biotic effect and other benefits of raw milk are wonderful there are other very important things you can do. Have you read the “Wheat Belly” book by Dr. William Davis? Eliminating the nasty effects of the post 1950 unnatural hybrid wheat consumed today with it’s undigestable proteins has been proven to eliminate digestive disease. Also you can introduce fermented veggies for digestive health. Go to http://www.culturesforhealth.com.

      • TL

        It is dangerous and incorrect to say that eliminating wheat (@BevD) or that the Hippocrates Institute (@ChrisT) will cure Chron’s. I’ve taken plenty of enzymes, probiotics; I eat no wheat or processed foods and I still have Chron’s.

      • rawmilkmike

        TL as far as I know, wheat and enzymes have nothing to do with crone’s but pasteurized dairy products most certainly do. So the most important thing for you is to eliminate all pasteurized dairy products.

        As far as what to replace them with, I suspect that any healthy food would do but it’s been my experience that, raw dairy products would be the best place to start, if you know of a source in your area.

  2. The time is now to wake up and do what is natural. The lazy people, the industrialists, the greedy; want to control hard working and intelligent people. Give power back to the farmers and the consumers. And not big factory farms and those who supply the fields with chemicals. This is why today, so many Farmers Markets are successful. Look for the Milkman. He is BACK! And he has some good foods for you. Distribution of foods belongs with those who care about and support Sustainable Agriculture and not the bean counters. Be a leader and do not follow. Get some inspiration through spirituality or even listen to the Beatles song, “Revolution.” It is here again, and NOW!

    Ed Hartz
    The Milkman Company

    • william

      yes! Lazy people who don’t want to do chores first thing in the morning. Those chores would be to milk your own dairy animal each and every morning and evening.
      Raw milk is legal to consume in Ontario, just not legal buy it.
      So wake up every morning and milk your animal. There is nothing in Canada that will stop you, legally….. just other things.

  3. Sharlene

    Just wondering if you have an email contact for the Milkman or a website we could visit. Thank you.

  4. The Milkmen USA

    Dear Sharlene:

    Thank you for asking. What is your position on this state of affairs and what do you want to do to help this cause? Where do you stand now and where do you want to stand?

    For the Milkmen USA and The Milkman; The website is to come in near future. Sharlene, do you have a website and/or email that we can use? The Milkmen USA and the Milkman USA will be in touch soon. If you will, please provide this. In the meantime, read this and follow through if you will.

    We are glad to give our contacts to you as soon as we feel and see that you are a real comrade and not an official who organizes against “raw people” or nature in this case. You know the word raw has real meaning not only to the foods we eat and the milk we drink but to the character of the people. Raw in many ways speaks the truth and is not a fake or insecure in themselves as so many corporations or government officials are. Adulterated. And this is not to say that all corporate or government officials are not “raw” or truthful, but the majority have a problem with virtue. So does the human race for that matter. The problem of sin, living without virtue and truth, without love and concern for the earth and humanity reaches deep into the populations-civilizations. And this problem, by nature, does not exist with nature or the plant or animals kingdoms. Even the honey bees are in serious danger and so are our crops and plant life. And not because of the bee. Their design is perfect. We harm the bees. Only the problems exist with humans. The “intelligent ones.” We all are not perfect. Milkmen are not perfect, doctors are not perfect, lawyers are not perfect, teachers are not perfect, bus drivers are not perfect, small business people are not perfect, corporations and their employees are not perfect, government officials are not perfect; but we all can try to be more perfect in God’s eyes.

    This revolution is about doing good, doing the right thing. And those that are following, are intelligent, spiritual human beings who seek justice and civil rights. Civil disobedience is in order now. The ones in charge are afraid of this. It is already obvious to us all now that they are trying to and have already exterminated or terminated our freedoms. Is this right? We know the answers. It is obvious that the farmers, the real people, raw people of societies need to pick up their pens and paper and write, they need to pick up their pitch forks and fight. Already, they have looked for milkmen and found them. They are trying to put them down before they get “too big” for them. In reality, we are too big for them. Ask anyone of them to sit in the forest or out at sea in a row boat with you, alone. WHAT WILL THEY DO? Precautions have been taken, measures taken. Fear not. Move forward.

    Think about this; the movement for industrialized food processes have gone so far and so wrong that those in charge, those that lead their cause and our food supply to poison us; they have even hurt their own children. The problem is not only the food Pyramid structure but the food Pyramid soil, the water, the ways the cows are treated and how they eat, where they stand. What do you expect when cows stand all day in their own manure or chained to a stall all day? What do you expect from humans who have not real freedom or who stand amongst themselves in dirtied waters. They too are standing in their own fecal matter. That is why those in power are afraid of us. Afraid of you and I. Fear not and move forward. As we said before; we are doing our own good now. Imagine the power of the little old milkman or the strong young milkman delivering good foods directly to the consumer. Going over the heads of the “officials” and direct to the consumer with good foods direct from the farms, including raw milk, raw fruits and vegetables, raw meats and poultry. If necessary, go around or over them. Go direct to the source, direct to the buyers, the consumers.

    We suggest that if you will and if you can; you do more than lift your pens and write. We suggest you become involved in local farming, local consumption, local politics, find a good attorney, find a good business that can help affect change, and do something that leads us all in a direction that allows us to eat “Slow Foods” as Carlo Petrini says, foods that are Good, Clean, and Fair. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just modify and change. In many ways, business, good business has to lead the charge. Obviously, many have already done this. And this cause, this freedom, our right to choose raw milk is like any other to achieve utility and freedom of utility. There are many business opportunities to help this cause. The distribution, marketing, and sales of raw milk in addition to the farms and the production of raw milk. Of course the production of raw milk. People like Michael Schmidt have achieved all or most of the articles of incorporation for raw milk. He has farmed, marketed, sold, promoted, managed, and defended raw milk. He was abused by officials for years. It is interesting, throughout history in all nations, men like Schmidt, Mandella, Ghandi, and others have suffered only to rise to the top for creation of a better world. It is amazing that others have not done so. Yet, look how so many have become involved with a box of “Fruit Loops.” Or some Genetically modified crop. Why? For MONEY. And Cancer too.

    Seems that they are making death threats now. Shame on them. They are so desperate as to do these things. To think that in this age, we have to hear or write about this. Be confronted with this. The reality. Pathetic.

    Our children and future generations are on the line now. In Canada, the USA, worldwide. We care about children and about their mothers and fathers. Do they? Save our children from Nature – Deficit disorders. How? Get back to nature. Support local farming and not corrupt political or business agendas. The facts are there, we know the truth. Now do something about it. Here is another great book to read. Read this one and grow even more;

    “LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS” By Richard Louv, Recipient of the 2008 Audubon Medal. The movement by and of Michael Schmidt is very similar to the “Children and Nature movement fueled by this fundamental idea: the child in nature is an endangered species, and the health of children and the health of the earth are inseparable.” – Richard Louv.

    * Interesting note: when I was out on a field trip with my Milkmen brothers one summer day while visiting the Statue Of Liberty State Park in NYC, there in the souvenir shop was this book, “Last Child in The Woods.” Sold by and endorsed as a great read by The National Park Service of the United States of America. A government agency doing some great things. we give them credit here. Indeed, not all government agencies or people are entirely corrupt. But when the ones in positions of authority are, look what happens and watch your backs. And to think, we pay their salaries. This is Tyranny as Mark Levin wold say. By the way, if you want to know about Mark Levin, then just listen to his radio station in New York, broadcast far and wide. This man is the real deal.

    Time to call on the Dairy Goddess. She has a website too. Look it up. This lady has soul.

    In the meantime, we recommend that you read the following literature;

    ** Slow Food Nation. By Carlo Petrini

    ** Raw Milk Revolution. A very important book about Raw Milk. By David Gumpert.

    ** Liberty and Tyranny. By Mark Levin. A New York Times Bestselling Author. Excerpt from this book as follows; “WE ALL DECLARE LIBERTY; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others, the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name – liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names – LIBERTY and TYRANNY.”

    It is obvious that they want to change the Constitution or define it and interpret as they please to suit themselves. And because they have a bunch of unethical and stupid and greedy attorneys behind them, they change things and make laws to fulfill their own selfish needs.

    Read; “The Lost Lawyer, Failing Ideals of the Legal Profession” by Anthony Kronman. Published by President and Fellows of Harvard College.

    Another one; “Give Me Liberty” A Handbook for American Revolutionaries. By Naomi Wolf.

    More. “Freedom’s Law, the Moral Reading of the American Constitution. By Ronlad Dworkin.

    In the meantime, we hope you are on the right side and doing what is right, what is action oriented and progressive. Do not sit around crying over the spilled milk. Do something. We are and can help you if you want.

    The Milkmen are Back!

    Milkmen USA

    Thank you.

    • pauline bergeron

      wow..great article..I wrote all your resources down. I want to do something about food but don’t know where to start and what to do. I live in Maine. If you know of any organization that fights for raw, pure food, let me know please.

      • william

        look up “slow pasteurized” milk. Many farms in Vermont have abandoned “raw milk” for the slow pasteurized. Most of the reasons were personal. I would think it has more to do with liability

  5. Sharlene

    Dear Milkmen USA
    I am in support of all you have said, although I know my diet is far too dependant on the mass production of food than it should be right now. Thank you for your reading recommendations. I know I have alot to learn. I am contacting you for my son’s sake, who has dairy sensitivities and we are having a hard time getting him to maintain weight. I hesitate to put my ph# and email on a forum but if you can contact me at sharw@hotmail.com

  6. The Milkmen USA

    Just for the record; thank you Sharlene for asking. The Milkmen USA is a group of milkmen and dairy women who really care about the farms, the source of food, and the delivery systems for food. Our contention is this; distribution, marketing, and sales is as important to the foods and farming, quality, as other segments in the food supply are. Before the 1950’s, late 1950’s in this country, milk, dairy, and other food products were delivered direct to the consumer at their doorstep. Most times, the milk and dairy that was delivered was good to excellent quality. While the breads or other foods delivered may have been from a company like Pepperidge Farms, who had a good tasting product, but basically “industrialized.” Things are changing now. The new age or 21 Century Milkman wants to and is delivering fresh farm foods that are not “factory” farmed or finished. Apple pies, Shepherds pies, Gelato, Ice creams, Milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, goats and sheep milks, lamp chops, grass fed beef, pastured poultry, and more are all being offered. When they are marketed and distributed, the demand increase. When demand increase, supply can and will increase. While this is happening; big corporations and their accomplices (we know who they are) are trying to destroy these systems of production and delivery. This is obvious with what has happened to Michael Schmidt and his organization.

    Do you have a milkman delivery system in your community?

    Milkmen or a milkman does not pretend to be a doctor of medicine or naturopathic physician; although some of us have been doctors or are physicians of different types. Our organization is already filled with professionals of medicine in many fields, especially naturopathic. At this time, we cannot comment with specific terms in regards to your interests to your son’s health care concerns. we will say this; get the best doctors, work perhaps with them in addition to a naturopathic physician. Try different things. And most of all feed foods that are not adulterated. You may even try raw milk diet with the advice and/or supervision of a health care professional of your choice. Most of all seek the truth. Once revealed, you and your son will be in better shape. In the meantime, we will contact you directly soon.

    Learn about Sustainable Agriculture. The Slow Foods Movement. Support sustainable agriculture. Work at improving the school lunch programs at your son’s school, that is, if he is still i school. What you do now can and will make a difference. Concerned citizens must take action to change and make improvements.

    Thank you for your questions.

    The Milkmen USA

    The Milkman is Back!

  7. The Milkmen USA

    PS From The Milkmen USA:

    You can make a difference.

    Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” This quote was also a line from the film we refer to here; POWDER. Interesting though that “Powder” is the same color of Milk.

    We will truly be living when we can balance the two. And even more so, when our humanity exceeds our technologies.

    Depending on how old your son is as a mature movie viewer, and if the two of you can learn from examples; then we recommend you see the film, “Powder.” An extraordinary encounter with another human being. One of the Best Films. Rated PG-13. Staring Sean Patrick Flannery, Mary Steenburgen, Jeff Goldblum. Some events in our lives can change the lives of those around us. The same exists for your duty to change the life of your son, if you can. And those of others who are fallen by the industrialization of foods. This includes the consumer, the producer, the farms, the animals and plant life, the governments of the world, and all those who have become corrupted or adulterated by a system in dysfunction.

    This country and others around the world have witnessed the closing down of farms, more and more every day. A great opportunity exists to open them up, keep them going, and return to humanity. If someone you are dealing with does not see this, then leave them behind. But do not follow them.

    Thank you.

    The Milkmen USA

    The Milkman is Back!

  8. Hi,

    I just had a conversation today about raw milk and someone was telling me something about commercial pilots not being able to or not being allowed to drink “pasteurized” milk above a certain elevation. I have never heard of this. Does anyone know more on this subject at all? It sounds very interesting to me.

    Thank you!

  9. Crystal

    I’m not saying raw milk is better or worse than pasteurized milk. However I hardly think 2 calves constitutes a legitimate study. For one thing, there is a wide range of genetic factors that affect growth rate, muscling, tenderness, and fat deposition in cattle. So unless Mr. Pasteur and Mr. Rawky are identical twins (very uncommon in cattle), it would be impossible to determine with just two calves how much difference could be attributed to the early diet and how much to genetic factors. Add to that a multitude of environmental conditions aside from early feeding (exposure to disease, parasites, climate, etc.) Even if raised side by side, there will be differences. This is why legitimate studies require a large sample group randomly divided amongst the two (or more) treatment groups. So sorry, but I wouldn’t put much stock into this “study.”

    • Michael Schmidt

      Well said Chrystal
      IF you find anyone willing to conduct a “proper and scientifically” acceptable research let me know.
      In my 30 years of advocating the healthy characteristics of raw milk, I have not met yet somebody or some organization willing to look into the merits of raw milk from a “proper” research point of view. However you might agree with me that certain conclusions can be drawn if the effect of pasteurization on milk is indeed rather drastic.
      Knowing how raw milk positively has effected the health of many of our cow share families I am more that excited to take another step towards comparing two calves on two different diets. That this cannot and will not be accepted as approved scientific evidence is understandable and not expected either from my side.
      It certainly will give us an indication if there is any difference or not between the two milks. Having raised close to thousand calves on our raw milk gives me a rather good base for comparison by looking at the overall health of Mr. Pasteur who is only raised on pasteurized milk.
      The interesting argument will always be: are those opposed to raw milk afraid to actually do research because they are smart enough to know that raw milk and pasteurized milk cannot be the same.
      Stay tuned. Cheers Michael

      • Helen


        I agree that raw milk is far far healthier. Does anyone know where can I find raw milk supplier in Quebec? I have been looking and looking and I am completely and totally flat out of luck. Please help… 😦

      • Zhana

        Hi Michael. Thanks God you are existing in this world. I must drink raw milk to fight with osteoarthritis. How I become caw member in order to buy raw milk and cheese from your farm? As well, I want to support you and stand up for your rights. We need you so much.
        With big respect
        Zhana Vasiltsov

      • Brother Darrow

        Mr. Schmidt, Let me start off by writing thank you for staying steadfast.

        And let me end by writing keep up the good work.

        May God reward you for all your good deeds.

        Peace unto you.

        And to the poster “Crystal” I write that the study is that people have been drinking raw milk far longer than since they have been pasteurizing milk. This “modern” age of “scientific testing” in order to “improve” on nature is absurd and deceitful. Its all a attempt to extort money without regards to peoples lives resulting in a fraudulent medical situation. When people get sick they get sick, but when people are made to get sick under the guise of “making it better” that is nothing short of fear mongering, bullying and extortion.

      • Rudi

        Have you ever thought of abstaining from drinking milk ? After all milk is meant for calves for which it is designed perfectly. Of course any milk will cause adaptational problems to humans. Why not stick to dairy products ? After all it is unnatural for humans to drink liters of cow’s milk.

      • Devin

        I find your study to be unsupported and inconclusive. I raise a question for you, why do producers who install calf milk pastuerizers see an increase in calf health and gains? My other question is why should insurance companies and government health care have to pay for the outbreak of salmonela that is definately going to happen if there is more widespread consumption of raw milk?

      • Aaron


        “the outbreak of salmonela that is definately going to happen”

        Do you have a citation to back that claim, or is it speculation based on hearsay?

        I have a citation to refute your claim based on purely factual evidence:


        “In our 80 year history, no consumers of Claravale Farm milk have ever died or gotten sick from milk born pathogens and no pathogens have ever been detected in the milk.”

        Claravale Farms would not be able to make this claim if it was not true. Raw dairy producers in the United States receive *a lot* of publicity when they are accused of making someone sick.

        Considering this, and considering the size of this farm and the quantity of distribution (http://claravaledairy.com/store_list.html), I would say that his is pretty good proof that raw milk can be produced safely. How many pasteurized milk producers have a *perfect* track record of never making anyone sick?

    • johnny

      well the pastuerized milk drinking one’s eyes are bulging out of its head. wisdom tells you to not buy a fish unless it’s head is attached so you can see the fish eyes. if they are cloudy then the fish is too old or sick. some also say the eyes are the window to the soul. i’d rather eat the healthier looking cow, but all this thinking is making me want to become vegan and i love animals products.

    • Victoria Bingham

      In the 1970’s several similar studies were conducted in the United States, in which calves were fed pasteurized milk. In each study – the calves died before they reached 6 months of age. You can’t find the studies online, because they were done in the era prior to the internet, and the hard copies – so far as I’ve been able to see – of these articles – have never been posted.
      But it serves to repeat, the calves in each case – fed on cooked milk from their own mother – died in infancy.

      • Lisa

        If the calves were taken from their mother, and fed only cooked milk, of course they would die. New born mammals need colostrum to survive. Without colostrum, their immune system would not have been able to protect them from pathogens, so they would easily get sick and die. So I am not sure what these “studies” that are not available for review were trying to prove. However many US dairy farmers DO feed calves pasteurized milk, and some feed pasteurized colostrum too (rather than raw colostrum). These calves don’t die; they live to produce gallons and gallons of milk for people like me. And there is plenty of information AVAILABLE on this topic (feeding of pasteurized milk to calves) on the internet.

        Science exists, even among the non-believers…

    • william

      The University of Guelph have performed some studies. 2011?
      But they have also introduced a third comparison: Raw milk, commercially pasteurized milk and ‘slow pasteurized’ milk.

      Unofficially, I remember reading, slow pasteurized milk held at 62.5 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes results in maintaining more than 80% of the good enzymes present in raw milk…….

  10. Zhana

    Please help me to know How I become caw member in order to buy raw milk from Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farm, Ontario. I need raw milk desperately to fight with osteoarthritis. Also, I want to support this guy and thanks him from the bottom of my heard.

  11. Sibernie

    Mr. Schmidt, thank you so much for doing your own research and keep fighting the good fight. These photos demonstrate clearly that raw milk and pasteurized milk have very different health effects on a calf’s organs. Why will no government body or university duplicate your experiments or duplicate Pottenger’s animal studies? Because they already know that clean, raw milk from healthy, pastured, grass-fed cows is healthier for humans than pasteurized milk. How can my family become cow share members?

  12. Stephanie

    I would be most interested to see the study repeated with an additional variable: a 3rd calf fed milk that is pasteurized but not homogenized. My personal, unscientific and utterly unproven suspicion is that low temp pasteurization without the homogenization might not be nearly as damaging to the milk and thus to the health of the creatures who consume it.

    • John

      I was thinking that same thing. I currently drink Organic milk which is not homogenized because i cannot find a cow share here in Colorado that is within 25-30 miles of where i live. I know they are here but hiding. To think it is actually legal in California and sold in many health stores but not here in Colorado…

  13. Jesse

    What about animal cruelty issues? Is this really fair to the calves, rather than testing on humans? I’m sorry, but to deprive a nursing calf in this way is inhumane in my opinion. It’s one thing if an orphaned calf has no other options, but intentionally depriving a nursing calf of raw milk from it’s mother, thereby not providing the natural nutrients, antibodies, etc. is pointless. OF course the calf will end up with problems.. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out! Why don’t you focus on human health issues… use humans for a human argument, not endanger the lives and health of animals for the sake of an argument. I’m not a member of PETA or any radical group, just an average citizen that consumes raw milk for MY health sake and will not support any organization that sacrifices the health and well being of an animal for their own agenda. In my opinion, this is pretty hypocritical.

    • Michael


      Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle about Mr. Schmidt. It is common practice to feed pasteurized waste milk to calves in the beef industry. If you feel so strongly about this issue take it up with the regulatory agencies responsible for allowing it. Mr Schmidt has done nothing more criminal than 85% of all parents do in this country every single day when they pour that white liquid over their children’s cereal and then send them off to school where they will have a nice carton of pasteurized homogenized -SUGARIZED “MILK!”
      Frankly, I think your complaint is hypocritical. If you drink Raw milk every day for your own health you should be saying THANK YOU Mr. Schmidt for going to bat for my rights to continue drinking Raw milk. He’s fighting for YOUR freedoms. How about a little support.

      • Jesse

        how is it hypocritical to be in support of raw milk for human and calf consumption? If you ask me, it’s hypocritical to feed a calf pasturized milk, when nature provides raw milk in it’s purest form.. from it’s mother. So, you are saying it’s fine to feed a calf garbage when it doesn’t have to be that way. Where in the law does it state we are not allowed to let calves nurse from their mothers? It’s not my fault people feed their children sugar and garbage.. so you feel it’s right to feed an animal the same as those stupid people? You are not even giving the animal a choice.. we as humans have a choice.

        You are hypocritical for wanting to consume raw milk for yourself yet not allow the calf the same consideration. Selfish to deprive a calf it’s mother’s milk for ‘scientific purposes’ that’s a lousy excuse and you know it.

        animal rights go right out the window here.. that is hypocrisy in its purest form. So, no support if you can’t make a statement honestly and without harming animals (the ONES THAT PROVIDE THE MILK TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!) pretty ungrateful too.. do you plan on consuming the meat from the calf that was fed garbage? I bet not!

        why don’t you set an example rather than contribute to the problem?

      • william

        our rights for drinking raw milk have never been revoked.
        We have the right to drink raw milk. We just don’t have the right to drink raw milk coming from someone else’s hands

    • I use to own a dairy. My family drank the raw milk. It is healthier and more free of chemicals. My children grew up healthy and are still healthy from being raised on a farm and eating fresh or home canned food from the garden. I wish I could find affordable raw milk where I live but the dairies in my area went out of business many years ago due to inflation and inability to pay the huge prices for feed and grain to grow corn and hay. Milk prices plummeted and all the smaller dairies went under as did ours. I am not able to milk a cow, even one that has been tamed to milk, so I have to buy milk from stores. From what I have read, raw milk is expensive and I couldn’t afford to buy it.

  14. Jesse

    kudos to the person who wrote Michael Schmidet directly on his website.. ! I wholeheartedly agree!! I hope Mr. Schmidt reconsiders his methods and this study.. tolerability of raw milk for HUMAN CONSUMPTION not calves themselves!

    “written by Alex, July 06, 2010
    Using only 2 calvs for this “study” is a joke. Real Science is based on representativeness. So you would need at least 20 calvs (10 vs. 10). Furthermore it`s more about the human tolerability of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk. And this would mean a very complex medical study with human “test subjects” over years. Not to forget the effects of raw and pasteurized milk for children vs. adults. Your “study” is just some kind of “marketing gag” for your farm. Let the Universities do the science and let your farm produce milk and stuff. “

    • Aaron

      Are you joking? What human is going to agree to having his organs on display?

      What about feeding human babies infant formula? Is that not even more cruel? Surely you could be spending your time bitching about far greater evils that are common place in your very neighborhood. At least Mr. Schmidt is spreading important awareness. If others were willing to carry out research such as you have suggested, Mr. Schmidt wouldn’t have been driven to create this display.

      I’m sure as a farmer Mr. Schmidt is well aware of what a healthy cows organs are supposed to look like. This display was likely for the benefit of the less informed, such as yourself.

      • Rudi

        If you are concerned about drinking milk, then just stop it. There is no reason to complain about something that is not compulsory. I suggest you feed the milk to the calf and then eat the calf !

      • Aaron

        I don’t drink milk. You’ll have to explain to me how you came to that assumption; because I don’t see anything I’ve written which would allude any such thing.

        On the other hand, I’m an avid seeker of truth. Maybe you’ve confused a thirst for truth over a thirst for milk?

    • william

      Cows intestines are different from humans.
      Dogs, cat, rats. Testing on humans is not allowed. Same goes for pharmaceutical drug testing…..
      The University of Guelph has performed many test comparisons between Raw milk and commercial pasteurized milk. They have also performed a third group. “slow pasteurized milk”. In short, the slow pasteurized milk has similar properties to raw milk, minus the deadly pathogens and bacteria that may be found in raw milks or .

  15. Jack Cameron

    Mr. Schmidt,

    I found your small study to be quite convincing inasmuch it was so consistent with the study with 16 calves done in 1940 in Scotland.

    When the cows were butchered and the vet said that the pale liver and kidney of the calf fed pasteurized milk looked “normal”, meaning that was what he was used to seeing, did he mean that he was used to seeing pale liver in only calves or in all cattle?

    I ask the question as I wonder if the pale color of the calves organs is due only to the fact that the calf was drinking pasteurized milk, or could the grain diet of the cows that produced the milk contribute to the pale color of the organs?

    Another way to put the question: Do grain fed cows have livers and kidney similar in color to the raw milk fed calf or the pasteurized milk fed calf?

    The reason for my question is that I can not get raw milk in Alabama but I can get pasteurized milk (not homogenized), from pastured cows. Is it the pasteurized milk worth drinking or should I just stick with the raw milk cheese (from pastured Guernsey cows) that I can get here?

    Jack C.

  16. Basil Seal

    I find your study to be unsupported and inconclusive. I raise a question for you, why do producers who install calf milk pastuerizers see an increase in calf health and gains?

    I’ll answer that question for you. The reason some dairy farmers pasteurize milk they feed to calves is because they are using waste milk from cows with mastitis or high somatic cell counts which would not be fit for human consumption. The health gains being claimed here are to do with calves intended as dairy replacements not being exposed to mastitis causing pathogens, which will be killed by the pasteurization.

  17. Jack Boersema

    @ Basil
    it is probably as you say to break disease cycles. But why do you assume that because one disease cycle is broken that the calves are healthier? I am in the goat industry. To get a “clean” herd one has to snatch kids at birth, feed them heat treated colostrum and feed only pasteurized milk. This does break the disease cycle, but they are nowhere near as thrifty as kids fed raw milk. They are much more susceptible to cocci and other digestive problems and are therefore fed drugs daily. The diseases that are stopped do not include some diseases like Johnes – Crohns disease. The public is under the mistaken assumption that they are drinking “safe” milk when in fact because milk is being pasteurized and not tested for other diseases.
    I see the difference between raw and pasteurized milk as being totally like eating spinach. Every body wants it raw in their salad because it is much healthier but every one can eat it pasteurized out of a can. Though pasteurized spinach doesn’t look like raw spinach as in the case of milk the difference between raw and pasteurized is the same health wise. By the way raw vegetable bought from the supermarkets is one of the greats health risks you can take regarding pathogen borne foods. Raw milk doesn’t even make the top ten.

  18. Daryl


    Would you please let me know where I can attain unpasteurized milk near Ottawa, Ontario.

    Please send a e-mail to me titled, “Pasturized Milk Help Near Ottawa.”



    • david

      Hi Daryl:

      I live in Ottawa as well. If you find out where you can get unpateurised milk in Ottawa please let me know by email. Do you subscribe to Dr. Mercola–he is for raw milk? If not, try it at mercola.com

      Also is there a farmer or market in Ottawsa selling beef raised on grass with no final fattening on grains before being slaughtered?



  19. Tony

    This is an important subject to clear up with sound scientific method. As others have posted here there are so many things to make sure of in a study to test the safety of raw milk (or safety of pasteurized milk for people). Cattle are not teh same as people – for example they have 2 stomachs – something that would be toxic to monogastic people is not toxic to a cow. e.g. uncooked potatoes. Pasteurization is designed to kill major pathogens. Milk drunk quickly may have fewer of these than milk delivered to people over a longer period of time. There are simple tests to pick up pathogens in milk without testing animals. If raw milk contamination kills 1 person per 1,000,000 and pasteurized milk kills 1 in 50,000,000 that would be too many harmed by not pasteurizing. This excludes non-lethal infections from brucillosis (excuse spelling) and general non-lethal food poisoning. The only reason stay away from pasteurization is that it reduces the nutrients in milk that can be beneficial and are not obtained elsewhere in the average diet. The mild heat of pasteurization will not change minerals or most carbohydrates or oils. It could denature some proteins — some of which are protein hormones. This would inactivate the protein enzymes but not change their amino acid content. Cow milk contains cow hormones including cow growth hormone – those of you think the GM hormone is harmful need to realize that cow hormone is not active in people – but if you think it is then you should drink raw milk . This is really irrelevant to this discussion by I include it to illustrate that this subject is highly technical. If this argument about raw milk is almost religious belief system that logic is not applicable to any of this. By the way if you want to do a meaningful experiment of safety you would test more than 2 or 6 non-identical animals. You would use identical twin animals and use rats or mice not cows to test safety on people. And don’t assume that if a scientist has a Ph.D. and is a professor they are right – remember we can all be motivated by money – raw milk producers want more money for their milk, professors want research funding and they will never say everything is OK that doesn’t help them get money, companies are motivated to make a profit but they do have liability to pay for if they are wrong and some of them screw up like everyone else (ncluding me)

    • SaanenMom

      Ummmm…..Cows, goats, sheep, deer, elk, giraffes, llamas and a number of other animals in the ruminant category have 1 stomach with 4 compartments: The rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum

    • william

      The University of Guelph as performed many studies such as these….
      the best part they study the effects of Raw milk and commercial pasteurized AND slow pasteurized milk.
      Yes, there is a third option.
      The 3rd option has similar properties as raw milk, less the chances of contamination of Listeria or Salmonella or pathogens such as Q-fever.

  20. I recently listened to Michael’s talk at the Nov. WAPF conference. He ended with his Tale of Two Calves.
    In the lecture he actually related and pictured the results of the inspection of internal organs when they were butchered – describing the innerds of Mr. Pasteur:
    intestines were weak and floppy – had to be scooped up carefully. Mr Rawky’s were firm and strong like they should be
    testacles were smaller
    liver was anemic looking
    kidney was mushy
    heart was double in size (from having to work so hard), fatty, floppy, and slimy
    Mr Rawky’s organs were all strong and healthy like they should be.
    Comment from the vet who did the analysis – “This is normal [for commercial animals]!” I think Michael has been too busy with the gov’t attacks on raw milk to add this to his blog.

  21. Phoenix

    i love my step- dad and mom!!!!!!!!

  22. Qzr

    Hello! Help me get raw milk. I live in Toronto

    my email: qzr900@gmail.com

    Please email me any information regarding where and how I can get raw milk!

    Thank you

  23. addala sastry

    Coffee and home made curds are a must in any South Indian home. Between 1941 when I was born and the mid-1960s when pasturised milk began its significant presence in the Indian market, we used only raw milk boiled over mild embers (dried cow dung cakes) for long time. The taste of this milk, or its products such as coffee, curds and sweets is supreme and any one who experienced that bliss can never really like the same products made of pasturized milk.

  24. laura

    This situation is not about raw milk. It is about submitting even the food we eat and drink to government approval. People are not being allowed to eat without paying into the food corps. It has nothing to do with health-it is about money.

    • william

      sorry I would disagree.
      I would narrow the argument to LIABILITY.
      you cannot sue a company that follows the pasteurization procedures.
      Maple Leaf Foods failed to comply to the regulations…. hence is liable for the illnesses of many people.
      I work with OMAF, and I am pleasantly surprised that they are very compelling and understanding.
      We live in an over insured World.
      The best analogy I could compare raw milk versus non raw milk is :
      would you drive your car with out car insurance?
      Most people drive with insurance and some people drive without insurance. Those who drive without insurance are at risk of getting caught or losing their assets. Same goes with raw milk. If I sold you raw milk I risk losing my assets if you get sick or die. OMAF is present to certify those who are insured are doing it properly such that they do not get sued.

  25. Raoul

    You are right the established bureaucratic and financial order can not tolerate massive changes in revenues overnight.
    They talk about innovation but in reality they don’t want to see changes of more than 0.1 or 0.2 per cent per year in most cases other than for cell phones and computers.
    Creating a massive public hysteria for a change is the only way to do it.

    The only other way is to go down on your hands and knees and beg that they allow us to peacefully coexist in our own little tiny corner of the woods. It used to be possible for eccentric out of the system concepts to peacefully coexist if they did not make too much “noise ” . But nowadays corporate greed and government interference is such that it is fast becoming an “all or nothing situation ” .
    So unfortunately even the idea of “let us quietly and peacefully coexist with our own little paradigm and methods and coop structures” has become “revolutionary” and not to be tolerated . Even a humble request like this requires a massive public hysteria to be heard.
    It should not be this way.
    Tolerance should be a given in our so-called multicultural and multi-faceted society .

    So , at this point , all Michael can do is work to create a massive “public hysteria” any way he can . I would have preferred if we could have honourably built in a loophole and exemptions for raw dairy coops for farmgate sales.
    The whole thing is ridiculous. Such a tiny amount of money and cows (50) are involved for all this fuss i.e only 50 cows. Why couldn’t the government have looked the other way ?

    • william

      you are allowed to drink Raw Milk in Canada. You just cannot sell raw milk to someone in Canada.
      Milk your own animal, bottle it, make cheese with it you will NOT be sued. But the second you sell it or give the raw milk to someone outside your immediate family you may be arrested.
      This is a liability issue not a human rights or a constitutional right issue.

  26. gene Owens

    Homogenization is the process of forcing whole milk through small orifices under very high pressure. This breaks the fat globules into much smaller particles which results in the smaller fat particles in LDL(bad) being able to embed themselves into one’s arteries. Therefore causing build-up of plaque and leads to a heart attack.

    This is why I prefer raw, unpasteurized, un-homogenized milk which I was raised on.

    • william

      There is slow pasteurized non homogenized non skimmed milk available in Ontario. It is legal and has raw milk properties, such as enzymes and good bacteria….

  27. Nicole

    Let me submit that the reason this issue is so vital *now* is that we are so deficient in calcium. The calcium that used to be in our soils is gone and we are reaping the effects. Milk is the last resort for those who know what they need and know no other way to get it. The excellent news is that soil can be improved and must be. Calcium can be added with wonderful results. The body can also be built back up with proper minerals, although it takes some time.

  28. Lisa

    This is a most interesting discussion. I love milk – I drink it everyday, but I will not drink raw milk because of the risk of pathogens. I am a Dairy Microbiologist. I test raw and pasteurized milk for bacteria for a living (have been doing this for almost 30 years now). My experience tells me that raw milk has a significantly higher incidence of harmful bacteria than pasteurized milk, so I will stick with pasteurized milk. I support the right of others to consume raw milk, but they should understand the potential risk (I am not quite as supportive of those who give raw milk to children or to immuno-compromised individuals because the risk for those individuals is even higher). I am not suggesting that all raw milk contains pathogens – this is not true. A good producer with healthy animals can provide a raw milk product that is almost always free from pathogens – but there is no guarantee that all raw milk producers are good, or that they do a good job every time, or that the seemingly healthy animals do not carry bacterial pathogens that can make humans sick even though the animal is not sick (did you know that E. coli O157:H7 can kill humans, but it doesn’t bother cattle at all?). I enjoy excellent health, I eat a wide variety of foods, I wash my fruits and vegetables, eat cooked meat (no raw meat for me), I drive cautiously, I don’t do drugs, and I drink my pasteurized milk every day.

    • sp

      To Lisa
      raw milk maybe contaminated but you can always boil it. I lived and grew up in India, where hygienic condition are not so good for animals but never in my life me or my siblings got sick( I mean serious disease). I always boiled our milk before we drank. I have four children, one born here in Canada ( I came to Canada 10 years ago). My fourth child has many health issues especially with her teeth and bones. She has severe tooth decay. Dentist took out her four teeth and now again there are more affected. She is heavy milk drinker, can not live without milk.Drinks almost one litre a day. We always cook our food at home, no canned food at home. One of my friend told me about pasteurised milk, while I have a no proof but highly suspect pasteurized milk behind this all. If I could not find raw milk I will stop consuming milk altogether. I know what raw milk is and how beneficial it is for your teeth and bones. Trust me people who work with cows in India are far strong compared to other people and you can not even think of messing with them.

  29. Heather

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people here are trying to argue one side or the other. You’ll have to excuse me for pointing this out, but… doesn’t this issue basically boil down to having the right to make our own decision as to what we choose to consume? For example, I can go to any restaurant and choose to have an acoholic beverage with my meal (which, if I so choose, could be SUSHI, or SASHIMI which contains raw fish). Or, if I have a cold, I can choose to go to the nearest pharmacy and choose to purchase and take one of the cold medications which have been reported to cause health problems to women. It is my right as a Canadian citizen to choose to do or not to do these things, just like it’s still everyone’s right to choose to smoke if they so wish, despite the fact that everyone knows it’s bad for them, and even harms the people around them.
    We all hear about E.Coli and salmonella outbreaks, but no move has been made to remove the products (lettuce, spinach and other raw veggies) from public access.
    So why such a big crack down on this particular industry?
    Just some food for thought.

    • Victoria Bingham

      .. or ‘milk for thought’.

      I love your note because that is the crux of the whole issue.
      If people can choose to have alcohol, cigarettes, SSRI’s, unprotected sex, and – God knows – drive cars, and so many other such known to be risky – products or activities.. why on earth has the gov’ got any business weighing in on MILK! For crying out loud.. I can CHOOSE my own beverages. This is Gov’t practicing medicine without a license and doing a rotten job of it at that.
      PS.. I get my raw milk on the ‘white’ market here in Virginia and we thrive on it. I wouldn’t drink pasteurized milk if they offered it for free.

      PS the Calf/ cooked mother’s milk test was done in the 1970’s when I first started paying attention, and every calf that was fed her own mother’s milk, but in cooked form – died prematurely.

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  31. Varietea

    Cow’s milk is produced for the benefit and growth of calves. Human milk is produced for the benefit and growth of human babies. Cow’s milk is not something we were meant to drink.

    • Victoria Bingham

      Varietea: ‘Cow’s milk is not something we were meant to drink’.
      Sounds logical but isn’t true.

      The Bible is REPLETE with the phrase ‘ a land of MILK and honey’, being put for the fact that the milks of goats, sheep and cows have historically been consumed by a wide variety of cultures and DO in their pure form, have wonderful health benefits.

      And after all, where does the government get off deciding that for us?

  32. Dan Paul

    I started earlier and was cut off. I would like to know where things stand on this looking at it as organic food. I would think this should be looked as an organic food that is in its’ natural state not altered. By not being prosessed, pasterized, it is still in its’ originasl state thus being an organic food. If it is pasturized its’ original state will be alterated. I am stating this as have been grown up with raw milk and believe it has many benifits that is yet to have been truly studied. Of course the life span and control of handling the distribution has to be taken into consideration.

  33. charles jasunas

    If you follow the money you’ll see why raw milk is bad for your health.If you push for raw milk big money will push back much harder and make you sick.Big money is what it’s all about and it has nothing to do with your health.It does’nt give a crap about your health. All they want is a healthy left pocket.To make a real difference all those with bulging left pockets have to go.Just follow the money.

  34. Ivan

    Hello, I live in Montreal and after reading a lot on the benefits of raw milk, I’ve always wanted to purchase Raw milk near montreal, but I know that in Quebec, it is illegal to do so unless we know some farmers. I was wondering if there is any place where I could be recommended to look for some raw milk and even 100% grass-fed beef and other animals. Thank you


    Hello, I live in Pakistan and Pakistan is third largest milk producing country in the world. The production of milk in Pakistan is near about 33 billion liters. In this milk only 3-4 % of milk sold as prossed or pesturised milk and remaining 96-97 % milk sold as raw or loose milk. In Pakistan sale of raw milk is leagal. So here is much scope or need to install raw milk vending machines. We have a dairy farm and also involved in the bussiness of raw milk. Thus we are in need of raw milk vending machines. Help us if some one have information about companies that are selling raw milk vending machines.
    Thanks with regards.

  36. sp

    raw milk maybe contaminated but you can always boil it. I lived and grew up in India, where hygienic condition are not so good for animals but never in my life me or my siblings got sick( I mean serious disease). I always boiled our milk before we drank. I have four children, one born here in Canada ( I came to Canada 10 years ago). My fourth child has many health issues especially with her teeth and bones. She has severe tooth decay. Dentist took out her four teeth and now again there are more affected. She is heavy milk drinker, can not live without milk.Drinks almost one litre a day. We always cook our food at home, no canned food at home. One of my friend told me about pasteurised milk, while I have a no proof but highly suspect pasteurized milk behind this all. If I could not find raw milk I will stop consuming milk altogether. I know what raw milk is and how beneficial it is for your teeth and bones. Trust me people who work with cows in India are far strong compared to other people and you can not even think of messing with them.

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  39. Mike

    In the beginning the biggest fear about drinking fresh milk was it might be too fresh and could potentially kill you since you got yourself kicked in the head. Since the beginning of commercial milk production producers were looking for ways to prolong the life of milk so it could be sold fresh for longer periods and avoid too much contamination and potential outbreaks.
    The moment we kill all the enzymes and remove the living beneficial organism milk becomes essentially chalky colored water and has less nutritional benefits than fortified powdered milk. In stating my case we grew up with cattle and other milkable varmints and it was always yum and good to drink fresh milk. Especially when you got to separate the cream and churn even your own butter this was essentially rocket fuel for peoples energy levels.
    Nowadays milk is actually pretty bad for you and all we perpetuate is a farmers quota and the cheap dairy by products that liquid milk subsidises.
    Given a choice I personally would drink real milk everyday but pasteurised milk I never touch the stuff unless it is to cook with or wash down cereal.

    Farmers should be allowed to market direct to consumers as long as they have disclosed the risks and allow routine inspections by their customers of the dairy barns milking parlours and the staff and workers meet the Health code for sanitation and food handling standards.

    In thousands of years organic and natural raised animals have always been the happiest and best source of quality protein and food energy who decided grocery stores were even remotely qualified to provide these services and who decided that government bean counters have the last say in what is best for peoples health.
    We sell guns and bullets with less restrictions than we impose on dairy and we allow toxic substances in cigarettes and Liquor as long as the taxes are being collected by our governments.
    So the deranged approach to public safety in regards to empowering only corporate farms and processors is both ethically and morally bankrupt when compared to how much our government has failed us in terms of food safety with Saccharides and GMO foods simply being exposed today I have been fighting and speaking out against both since the early seventy’s as I understood how dangerous they were to human physiology .

    Live enzymes and beneficial bacteria are the real solution to all these diet related maladies and we need to stop fighting choice with lies and deception that only serves the food profiteers like Monsanto and the government agents they have turned I say drink fresh milk just avoid getting kicked by the cow.

  40. Hello, my name is Ed Hartz. I am an American. America is the land of the free and home of the brave. Right? well, it is about time the farmers and the community picked up its’ pitch forks and gave a real hard poke in the ass to the bad politicians and corrupt business that controls the dairy industry and many other industries. I was foolish to think that I could go out and buy a milk truck and deliver farm fresh foods to consumers, work hard, and make a living. It was not only hard to obtain the farm fresh foods from local sources but in addition, while living in Connecticut, and having access to good fresh raw milk; I was also restricted on the supply because of raw milk because the farmers had not enough supply. The consumers were willing and able to pay $15 /gallon for raw milk! This would certainly help the farmer and it would have helped my business as a milk man. Well, long story made short; I was the only raw milkman in the State of Connecticut and I went out of business. The farmers on small farms are struggling. And farmers who have land and a dairy background do not want to go into the business for raw milk dairy because the government makes it very hard for them. Big business is in on the scheme too.

    Just two or more years ago a dairy farmer from the Hudson River Valley – New York region, shot and killed himself and his fifty cows in his barn. Authorities soon found out that he was was depressed because he could not make a fair living with pasteurizing milk. There are thousands of farmers in his same situation.

    It is sad that this is the situation we all are living with today.

    It is time we stop talking about it and time we do something about it.

    You are probably asking yourself; “OK, so what are you doing about it Ed?”

    I am doing something about it…….. If you are interested to know please contact me at freshhawaiian@earthlink.net.

    Thank you.

    Ed Hartz
    The Raw Milk Milkman

  41. Mari

    Mike, I understand your stand on freedom of choice and totally agree with it.
    However, if someone gave you or sold you a product that they felt was healthy and not severely contaminated and it had a disastrous affect on a loved one of yours I would think that you may feel different. We tend to vilify
    the injured person.
    Dairy has become like big government, and failure would have a major affect on our economy. As time passes more evidence points to the fact that what little we gain from another animals udder can be acquired from other viable food sources……. Eliminating this over priced product will definitely reduce the abuse of our Bovines.

  42. Lynda

    This past week there was a report of two people dying in BC from eating raw cheese. Do you know anything about this? Also, if the bottling of the raw milk that people buy is not sanitary enough, people could get sick. Could you comment on that please? Thank you.

  43. Lynda

    I also wanted to ask about arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. If a person has these, and has been advised to cut out fat, would it be wise for them to consume raw milk, since it can’t be purchased as ‘skim milk’?

  44. The butterfat in good raw milk is not bad for anyone! That notion is based on poor quality, biased, and misinterpreted research. The fat that is bad for you are the modern vegetable oils, which are often oxidized and very damaging. But those companies have been making all kinds of money off our unfounded fear of saturated fat. Don’t let them get away with it! Google “Oiling of America” and watch or read. As a retired dietitian I was dumbfounded to read that and discover what had been going on. I immediately switched from margarine to butter, and skim milk to good quality whole milk!

  45. Val

    I would very much like to belong to a raw milk cooperative. I live in Mt. Albert, Ontario (near Newmarket) – my son is on the autism spectrum & raw milk is recommended for him. May I have contact information for the closest cooperative that I may join?

  46. william

    Mr. Schmidt what are your components in your raw milk versus your commercialized pasteurized milk? Can we have an itemized list of FAT, PROTEIN, LACTOSE and TOTAL MILK SOLIDS?

  47. rawmilkmike


    No one has said that producers who install calf milk pasteurizers see an increase in calf health or gains.

    “Studies of waste milk supplies on dairies and calf ranches in Wisconsin and California have isolated Staph, Mycobacterium, Mycoplasma, and other organisms known to cause disease. A 2006 study of 12 dairies and one calf ranch found bacteria levels averaging over several million colony forming units (cfu) and as high as 1 billion per milliliter in raw waste milk. Fortunately, there are pasteurizers available that are well suited to treat waste milk for calf feeding on dairies and calf ranches.” (Please note that this milk is not homogenized or ultra pasteurized UHT)

    The US Center for Disease Control’s Minnesota study has inadvertently demonstrated that people who drink pasteurized milk are 9 times more likely to contract a so called foodborne illness than people who drink raw milk.

  48. Sarah

    I have suffered for the last 40 years with severe eczema and would like to start a special diet that calls for raw milk. I live in Brampton and would very much like to join a raw milk cooperative. I someone can contact me about that I’d really appreciate it.

    • rawmilkmike

      I don’t live near Brampton but if you ask your friends, family, and acquaintances don’t be surprised if you find someone who knows someone that knows where you can get raw milk. In the mean time you can make yogurt, kefir, and cultured sour cream from what ever milk you can find. The milk at the supermarket is always pasteurized but sometimes you can find milk that is not homogenized. Then eliminate as much of the new bread wheat and pasteurized dairy as you can and consume as much homemade beef, fish, eggs, fruit, and vegetables as you can. When you do find some raw milk. Drink at least a quart a day and your eczema should be gone in no time. I’ve seen it cure Psoriasis in 7 days.

      • Sarah

        That’s helpful advice, thanks. Hopefully I will find raw milk.

      • william

        Not far from Brampton, river’s edge goat dairy has whole slow pastuerized goat milk available. It is NOT homogenized and it has about 85-90% of the enzymes and good bacteria you are looking for in raw milk. They also have raw milk cheeses available to the public too. They are a provincially licensed facility. So need for being discreet.

  49. william

    Whole slow pastuerized milk is available in Arthur Ontario. Goto River’s Edge Goat Dairy.
    The whole Goat Milk is heated up to a mere 62 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. There is approximately 85-90% of the enzymes and good bacteria in this whole milk. They have a liscence and have raw milk cheeses available to the public too.

    Good luck

  50. The raw milkman Ed Hartz was selling raw milk four raw milk dairies for $15 per gallon direct to consumer. The business was great and so good for farmers. The problem is that raw milk dairy farmers in Connecticut are restricted. By you know what and by you know who. So the raw milk milkman was forced out of business. He could not get enough supply to meet demand.

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