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Poll results show 7 out of 10 Ontario residents think people should be allowed to buy raw milk

The Toronto Sun reports on a poll from April of 2010:

“…Polling also shows the McGuinty government was at odds with the public in its pursuit of raw milk activist Michael Schmidt.

Seven in 10 Ontarians say people should be allowed to buy it legally despite the fact most of them think it may pose a health threat.

Almost three in 10 Ontarians say they have tried the product, and those most interested in drinking it tend to be middle-aged rural men. Continue reading


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Pot law quashed by Ontario Superior Court ruling — because doctors refuse to prescribe medical marijuana

From a followup story by Jennifer Yang in the Toronto Star:

This file photo from 2010 shows a Toronto protest against a raid on a medical marijuana club. COLIN MCCONNELL/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

“Lawmakers and enforcers are looking for guidance on how to react to an Ontario Superior Court decision quashing Canada’s marijuana laws.

On Monday, a St. Catharines judge ruled the federal medical marijuana program unconstitutional because patients are largely prevented from legally accessing the drugs they need. Justice Donald Taliano also struck down the country’s laws against possessing and producing cannabis, giving Ottawa three months to fix the program before marijuana is effectively legalized. Continue reading


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Finding raw milk in the Toronto area

In a comment on a recent post, Callista asks: “Is there still a way I can get raw milk? I just came back from Florida where my sister-in-law buys it and I really want to start giving this to my family. I live in Richmond Hill. If anyone knows how I can get this please let me know. Thanks!”

The obvious source that would come to mind would be Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms. However we understand he’s seriously oversubscribed, has a lengthy waiting list and isn’t taking any more members for the time being.

You’d think that with all the legal brouhaha around Michael Schmidt’s charges and whatnot, that no one else would dare venture into the high-demand, and presumably high-risk, business of supplying raw milk to consumers who want it. Continue reading


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