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Don’t “have a cow” over raw milk

An editorial from Philly.com

Quoting the initimable Bart Simpson. -- from the Simpsons, via the Interwebs

“About a year ago, after months of investigation complete with undercover purchases, a posse of federal agents made a predawn move on a Pennsylvania farm and discovered a sizable stash of pure, unadulterated . . . milk.

The government’s pursuit of Daniel Allgyer, an Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County, continued last month with a federal complaint seeking to stop his hustling of unpasteurized milk, which has long been popular among the crunchy set but illegal to sell across state lines. A lawyer for some of Allgyer’s eager customers told The Inquirer, “He is being treated as if he were a drug lord.” Continue reading

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Health Canada says raw milk more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol

Here’s another in Darcy Wintonyk’s series for CTV B.C. on the politics of raw milk, this time titled “Do Consumers Need Protection from Raw Milk?”:

Those Californians must really be "playing Russian roulette with their health", judging by all these raw milk jugs for sale to just anybody who walks by a supermarket shelf. Photo from CTV.

“What’s more dangerous for your health: smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or drinking unpasteurized milk?

According to Health Canada, it’s drinking milk.

Canada is the only G8 country where the sale of raw milk is illegal. The country outlawed its sale in 1991. However, drinking raw milk is legal. Continue reading


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Mixed drink based on raw milk

And now for something completely different. This drink recipe from Tessin Rinpoche seems to be for real, in more ways than one. Here’s an excerpt:

“A cocktail called Raw Milk is my creation for Mixology Monday.  MxMo is a creative way for mixologists from all around the World Wide Web to share recipes and have a bit of camaraderie.  Each MxMo has a theme that guides what people contribute.  This month’s MxMo theme is Dizzy Dairy.

Using raw milk as an ingredient takes this cocktail right back to the Prohibition  era.  U.S. governmental agencies do not like raw milk.  To be fair to them, there was a very bad period in the country’s milk history when people got quite ill from contaminated raw milk.  Pasteurization pretty much solved that.  These days, however, there is a new push to give raw milk another chance (under more sanitary conditions), and it’s one that I support for various reasons (mostly flavor, as my milk consumption is pretty much limited to my morning coffee).  If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend Nina Planck’s book Real Food. Continue reading

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