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Scientific fraud in vaccine autism link

From Jon Rappoport’s blog:

On August 27, CDC scientist William Thompson came out of the shadows and revealed that he had participated in a major scientific fraud:

He and his co-authors had published a 2004 study claiming there was no MMR-vaccine connection to autism. They had omitted vital data which contradicted that finding.

The MMR vaccine was causing autism. Thompson knew it. So did his co-authors. They buried that chilling fact.

In Thompson’s confession, released through his Cincinnati attorney, Rick Morgan, Thompson asserted that he would work with Congress, but he wouldn’t speak to reporters.

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David Suzuki looks at link between autism and gut dysfunction, on CBC

From CBC.ca:

Click image to go to a page where you can watch this trailer.

“A fresh perspective on autism research with the developing “Bacterial Theory” of autism. The fastest-growing developmental disorder in the industrialized world, autism has increased an astounding 600 per cent over the last 20 years. Continue reading


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The Amish medical experiment — no vaccines, no autism; is there a link?

From West Virginia Outpost:

Have the Amish been part of an accidental medical trial? Photo via West Virginia Outpost

“People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people.  The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society.  Continue reading


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Health Canada whistleblower Shiv Chopra reviews “Vaccine Epidemic”

VACCINE EPIDEMIC by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland (Ed.), Skyhorse Publishing, 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, , NY, 10018 (ISBN: 978-1-61608-272-7).

Vaccine Epidemic is the latest book on vaccine damaged Americans crying out for help.

Authored by eminent lawyers, health care professionals, philosophers, medical science historians, human rights advocates, vaccine affected patients and their closest relatives, it portrays a grim picture of modern medicine and the justice system.

It may as well be a cry to God for delivering their fate to corporate greed in complicity with their own government. Not surprisingly, the cry is not without proof. Continue reading

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Why is autism so rare among Amish?

Thomas Corriher, from the Health Wyze report:

Photo via Health Wyze Report

People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people.  The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society.

The Amish live in a society that consists of outdated technologies and ideals, by contemporary standards.  Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines.

To the dismay of the mainstream media and the medical establishment, this has resulted in a healthier people, that are void of all of our chronic diseases.  Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are virtually non-existent in Amish villages.  Continue reading


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Mercola interviews Dr. Wakefield on his MMR vaccine studies and on the recent attempts to discredit his findings

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Dr. Wakefield and the MMR vaccine

From Raine Saunders at Agriculture Society:

Photographed on Jan. 28, 2010, Andrew Wakefield speaks to the media after a hearing at the General Medical Council in London. The GMC ruled that Wakefield acted unethically in purporting to prove a link between MMR vaccinations and autism. Photo: LUKE MACGREGOR/REUTERS

“It has been stated over and over again in pro-vaccine communities that Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues claimed there to be a direct “connection” to the MMR and autism. But the truth is, never was there an outward statement by any of these doctors that MMR was the cause of autism. Continue reading


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Wide world o’ raw milk news

Raw milk farmer Scott Trautman with his family and a few of his dairy cows.

Elizabeth Walling on the virtues of raw milk (Natural News) Continue reading


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Raine Saunders on Vaccination, part 1

Raine Saunders of the Agriculture Society blog is embarking on a multi-part series on the subject of vaccination. Here’s an excerpt from part 1:

“Have you ever wondered what ways there might be to reduce the chances of or prevent our children from developing health disorders like autism, ADHD, ADD, hormonal and nervous system disruptions, digestive and immune dysfunction? Continue reading

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Trick Science or Autism Propaganda?

The following excerpt from Augie’s “Journal of Living Food and Healing” includes excerpts from a Forbes magazine piece titled “Unlocking the Genetic Secrets of Autism“. Augie’s commentary is indented:

Henry Miller and Elizabeth Whelan, authors of the Forbes story

Forbes magazine published an article today called “Unlocking The Genetic Secrets Of Autism” by Dr. Henry I. Miller and Elizabeth Whelan. The subtitle is: A new study will spread greater aware ness of the public health benefits of wider immunization.

I must disclose that I used to be a fan of Ms. Whelan in the 80s and 90s as she was and still is President of the American Council on Science and Health. I admired her then, when I was pro-big business, because she was superior in explaining that “science” shows that industrial food and food additives were perfectly safe and were of no long term consequence. But, since being some what enlightened to farm fresh food and the leading nutritional science education, I concluded that Ms. Whelan is a Queen Pawn for Big Food. Now, I am convinced of this. But today I was not surprised to see that she and her team of 400 scientists are still playing their magic for Big Food– but was shocked to are doing it now for the nutritional health and pharmaceutical industry– all in the name of consumer education– like the many other tax-exempt, non-profit front groups.

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