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More than one million glasses of raw milk; appeal verdict announcement and news conference Tues. Sept. 27, 4 pm

I can haz raw milk verdict, finally!

Tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 27th, at 4 pm, Michael Schmidt’s lawyer, Karen Selick, has been promised that she will receive by fax, Justice Tetley’s decision on the Province of Ontario’s appeal of Michael’s January 2010 acquittal.

To help spread the word, whichever way the verdict goes, Michael Schmidt will be holding a news conference, also at 4 pm Tuesday, at the blue bus, in the parking lot of the Christian Community church at 901 Rutherford Road, in Vaughan, where farm share members have been coming for years now to collect their milk on Tuesday afternoons. Cowshare members are invited to be there for the occasion and to share their stories with any media folk who might be taking time off from the election to cover this story. Continue reading


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Dr. Oz on Raw milk’s dubious benefits

Dr. Oz comments on raw milk in the Washington Examiner — an excerpt:

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Q. Are there any benefits to drinking raw, unpasteurized free-range cow’s milk? — Anonymous

A. Well, a friend of ours would say the weight loss that comes from a few days of vomiting and diarrhea. Drinking raw, unpasteurized milk is like playing Russian roulette. Somewhere down the line, you’re going to get a bellyful of bacteria, like salmonella, listeria and e.coli, which will put you in a world of hurt. And the elderly, small children and people with impaired immune systems could face life-threatening complications. Continue reading


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Rodale’s four-part series on Raw Milk

The Rodale Institute has published a comprehensive four-part series on raw milk on their website. Thanks to Judith for noticing one of these articles on the “Biodynamics Now” listserv. Here are some excerpts (text and photos) from these four articles by Loren Muldowney. Click the links above each section to see the full article.

Part 1: The Truth about milk

“Raw” milk proponent and dairyman Mark McAfee sheds light on pasteurization, the benefits of consuming unadulterated food, and the war on bacteria.

Mark and Blaine McAfee of organicpastures.com in Fresno California

Mark and Blaine McAfee of organicpastures.com in Fresno California

“….McAfee’s overarching theme can be summarized as the coexistence of people and milk and bacteria. Even when produced under the most sanitary conditions, he said, it is normal for milk to contain some bacteria, and human societies have been coexisting and benefiting from these bacteria in the milk for thousands of years. Fermented milks are and have been important foods in many cultures for their nutrient value, McAfee informed the crowd, for their superior digestibility, and for the preservation that fermentation, a bacterial process, provides. Today products are marketed as containing “probiotics,” as if this is something brand new. Of course, McAfee said, various active bacteria have always been in these foods—only the standardization and taxonomy are new. Some of what he termed “Mother Nature’s truths about bacteria” follow. Continue reading

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