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Formerly AWOL Shropshire sheep and lambs killed for CFIA scrapie testing

From Susan Mann on Better Farming:

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has euthanized 26 adult sheep and 11 lambs for scrapie testing after finding the animals that were stolen from Montana Jones’ quarantined farm two months ago.

But details on how and when the sheep were found and how the CFIA knows the sheep that were found were Jones’ Shropshire sheep remain sketchy. Guy Gravelle, CFIA senior media relations officer, says by email the farm where the sheep were found remains under quarantine until disease control measures are complete. He didn’t specify what those were and didn’t answer a subsequent question requesting information about them. He also didn’t respond to questions about where the farm is located. Continue reading

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Top ag story of 2011? Top newsmaker?

From the staff at Better Farming:

“What is Ontario’s agriculture industry’s top story for 2010 and who is its top newsmaker? Have your say.

And we thought 2010 was a busy year in Ontario agriculture. That’s before we experienced 2011’s two elections, a soggy spring and the introductions of a risk management plan to protect against market fluctuations as well as a proposal for a mega quarry in Dufferin County’s Melancthon township. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt seeks leave from the court to appeal his raw milk conviction

From Susan Mann on Better Farming:

Michael Schmidt raises a toast following his sentencing last month in Newmarket.

“The lawyer representing Durham-area farmer Michael Schmidt will be arguing for leave to appeal his conviction and sentence of raw milk sales and distribution on April 25, 2012.

Karen Selick, litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, says they have to argue that the case is important enough for the Court of appeal for Ontario to consider it. “A regulatory offence is considered to be pretty minor so they don’t give us an automatic right to appeal,” she says. “We have to demonstrate that it’s important enough for the Ontario Court of Appeal to spend its time on.” Continue reading

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Hunger striker (Michael Schmidt) eases back slowly into eating again

From Susan Mann, in Better Farming:

“Durham-area farmer Michael Schmidt says he hasn’t eaten solid food yet despite ending his hunger strike after meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty at Queen’s Park Friday morning.

That’s because he has to ease his body back gradually. “I’m just on broth, just liquids to get my body back into motion,” he says, noting it’ll be another five to seven days before he can start eating solid foods.

Schmidt lost 50 pounds since beginning his hunger strike Sept. 29 to protest his recent conviction on charges related to selling and distributing unpasteurized milk. Ontario Court of Justice Peter Tetley handed down his verdict Sept. 28 convicting Schmidt of charges that Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky acquitted him of in 2010. Continue reading


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Media snippets on Province’s appeal of Michael Schmidt’s raw milk acquittal

First off, here’s a bit from a Canadian Press story dated Feb 12, from the CTV.ca website:

The man at the centre of the controversy, raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt.

“TORONTO— The Ontario government is wasting its time by appealing a court ruling that found raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt was not guilty of violating the Health Protection and Promotion Act, the Durham-based farmer and activist said Friday.

The Ministry of the Attorney General confirmed it is appealing last month’s decision by a justice of the peace to dismiss 19 charges against Schmidt to the Ontario Court of Justice, but did not elaborate on the reasons. Continue reading


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Raw milk cow shares ruled legal

Here’s an excerpt from Better Farming‘s take on the Michael Schmidt verdict:

The whole world is watching, through those cameras, as Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt meets the press following his victory for raw milk cowshares in Newmarket court Thurs. Jan. 21, 2010

“Grey County farmer Michael Schmidt and raw milk advocate wins his day in court and a recent survey indicates more than one third of Canada’s dairy producers think consumers should be able to buy unpasteurized milk.

The provincial government is “disappointed” by a Newmarket Justice of the Peace’s ruling today that raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt’s cow share agreements are legal. Continue reading

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