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Consumers need to be safe — safe that is, from excessive government — says CCF lawyer Karen Selick

Here’s a comentary by Karen Selick  which appeared in yesterday’s Calgary Herald. It’s mostly about Bill C-6, which we’ve discussed in previous posts:

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick speaks to reporters about the Province's raw milk appeal at Queen's Park last Tuesday, while farmer Michael Schmidt looks on.

While many Canadians have denounced the recent proroguing of Parliament, there is another sizable contingent who heaved a mighty sigh of relief. Prorogation has resulted in an unexpected, 11th-hour reprieve from a highly controversial piece of legislation: Bill C-6, the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Continue reading

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Bill C-6 sent back to House of Commons by Senate with amendments which gives us until Jan 26 to make our voices heard

Parliament will resume January 26th (if an election isn’t called first), so this will give us a few weeks in the new year to pressure MPs and Senators before they have to go back and vote on Bill C-6 in the house again.

This is a strategy we are planing to do together with others who have the same MP Mr. Paul Calandra (MP for Oak Ridges, Markham, King area). We are getting together a group of people and we will visit Mr. Calandra on Friday, January 8th. If you are interested to join us please get back to me. We will present Mr. Calandra with a several petitions opposing Bill C-6. By law if there is a petition signed by 5 people it needs to be presented in the parliament. It is more effective to present many petitions than one petition signed by many!!!

Petitions should be mailed or delivered separately and they should not use the same template. For those of you who have different MP and would like to follow these steps please see bellow. You can use “individualized”  C-6 petitions  (please see bellow), organize signing in your area with  visiting  your MP.

I have got information that Andrew and Kerry (Mr. Calandra’s 2 assistants) told, that  just a small group of people showing disapproval would be enough to get them to rethink it.” Continue reading

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Bill C-6 update news

Here’s an update from our source on these matters, with the latest news and perspectives:

Friends keep the pressure, email to MPs, Senators call them, fax  them…

DECEMBER 15, Bill C-6 third reading short update

Liberals have been proposing unnecessary modifications. They have proposed amendments that would soften the legislation and make it less effective. What this legislation does is balance the rights of business owners and the rights of consumers to be protected from flawed or dangerous goods. This legislation balances the rights of business owners and the rights of consumers, but the Liberals have proposed amendments that favour industry.”

If the latest amendments are rejected by the Senate, the bill could become law before the end of the year after receiving Royal Assent.

If the Senate accepts them, the amended bill will be sent back to the House of Commons. If the tussle between the two chambers drags out, and a federal election is called in the interim, the bill will die.


WHY ARE THEY IN A HURRY? Continue reading


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Senate showdown on Bill C-6 today?

Does anyone know what’s happening with Bill C-6, which was supposed to have been forced to a final third reading vote recently in the Senate? Has that happened or has it been delayed? If it happened, what was the outcome? Here’s what we can learn from Chris Gupta’s Dec. 6th post:

Does even Google know that Bill C-6 is Psycho? This image is the first that comes up when you do a Google image search for Bill C-6. Picture of the woman is from Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "Psycho".

“Third Reading of Bill C-6 is scheduled for next week’s Senate Hearing. Please keep the letters going we need to delay the passing of C-6. The more we delay the better our chances of killing this bill. See example letters below Continue reading

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Eldon Dahl v. Health Canada, Bill C-6

Click on image to go to YouTube and watch video report from Jan. 2009

Dr. Eldon Dahl is a naturopathic doctor whose home was raided by the RCMP and Health Canada about a year ago. From his description below it sounds as if what happened at his home was very much like what happened at the Manna Storehouse Coop in Ohio last December, and, for that matter, at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms 3 years ago. In his case however, it seems to have been about vitamins that someone, apparently, didn’t want him to have. The video above and those linked to mid-way down the letter were made in January 2009. The letter that follows was written recently and was addressed to members of Canada’s Senate, which, as far as we know, is still contemplating the passage of Bill C-6. Thanks to Gordon Watson for passing this news item on to the Bovine. It’s hard to know what to make of raids like this, whether to take them at face value, or to read into them an attempt to cow others and spread fear of the government. Continue reading


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Truehope takes Health Canada to court over Bill C-6 in Calgary from Nov. 2, ’09

Here’s an excerpt from the full report on the cnhc.ca site:

“…For most of us, the idea that we need to pay close attention to what our governments are doing is new and unsettling. However, gone are the days where we can assume that governments will protect our fundamental rights. Indeed, in Canada most citizens sat idly by as the House of Commons recently voted to strip us of some of our most precious rights (read Bill C-6). Not everyone is sitting idly by now.

On November 2, in Calgary, Truehope will be asking the Federal Court to declare Health Canada’s seizure power to be unconstitutional. In 2003, Health Canada seized a shipment of EMpowerplus and began taking other steps to take the product away from Canadians. Thousands of Canadians depended on this mineral and vitamin formula for their very lives. Despite clear communications that people needed these nutrients, including the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association publicly blaming Health Canada for suicides, Health Canada officials continued to take EMpowerplus away.

The news of harm and suicides was ignored. Calls to Health Canada pleading for access to the product were ignored and Canadians suffered. Continue reading

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Bill 6-C headed for third reading in the Senate, due to be passed within days!

Here’s an excerpt from a story on an important issue of concern to Canadians, from Naturesistence.org. Given the response that consumer outrage was able to generate on the organic turkey front (see story below), I’d like to think that there’s still hope that a torrent of emails from concerned citizens might persuade Canada’s Senators to defeat this unconstitutional bill!



“…Bill C-6 is about to have its 3rd and final reading before being passed into law. In my 59 years as a once proud Canadian, this is the greatest sense of patriotic loss, I have ever experienced. With a sense of desperate urgency I an now busy sending emails to Canadian Senators and MP’s to try and halt this draconian legislation, which will end Canadian freedoms as once enjoyed by so many.

I appeal to Canuck’s on this website to consider investing 15 minutes in this cause. I am including an email I just sent out to friends and family with a pre-written letter to Canadian Senators and MP’s, and a ‘cut and paste’ list of all Senator and MP’s email addresses.

If you are hazy on Bill C-6, there is an older post entitled, “Attention All Canadians!! Please Read Very Important!!!!” that has videos by a Canadian Constitutional lawyer explaining the Bill and other info links… Continue reading


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