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Young biodynamic farmers meet, share

From Thea Maria Carlson, on the Biodynamics blog:

Young farmers tour the greenhouse at Farmer John's

“This weekend, over 70 young farmers and farming enthusiasts came together for two days of inspiration and connection at Angelic Organics Farm and Learning Center in Caledonia, Illinois. As coordinator of the Biodynamic Association’sBiodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation (BING), I spearheaded the organizing of the event, with help from Upper Midwest CRAFTAngelic Organics Farm and Learning Center, and several other young farmers.

Traveling from as far as Colorado, Ontario, and Missouri to the convergence in northern Illinois, participants gathered Saturday afternoon for an opening circle followed by a walking tour of Angelic Organics Farm with the farm’s famed founder, Farmer John Peterson (star of “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”). Continue reading

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Biodynamics and nuclear radiation

From Robert Karp at the Biodynamics blog:

Fukushima nuclear plant explosion. Image via Alice Online (click image for source)

“The recent tragic events in Japan and news of increasing radiation fallout around the globe have led to a growing interest in past reports from Europe (primarily) of a possible role of the biodynamic preparations in protecting farms and food from radioactivity. Understandably, this is quite a “hot” topic in biodynamic circles, evoking much debate. Continue reading

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Strengthening the heart of the food movement — Biodynamic farming and the recent de-regulation of GMO alfalfa

Robert Karp, from the Biodynamics Blog:

By Robert Karp
Executive Director, Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association

The wider food movement, of which I consider the biodynamic movement to be an intimate and integral part, suffered two devastating blows the past month—blows which have evoked much pain and which deserve much reflection.

The first and most obvious blow was the USDA’s decision to deregulate genetically modified alfalfa and several other crops. The second, less obvious but no less important blow, was the widely circulated letter of Ronnie Cummings of the Organic Consumers Association claiming a kind of complicity among large players in the organic industry in these USDA decisions. (An alternative view can be found here.) The first blow was ecological, political and economic. The second blow cut right to the social heart of the food movement.

Is there a helpful light that can be shed on these events from a biodynamic perspective? Continue reading


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Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt guest speaker at Biodynamic event in Viroqua, Wisconsin Jan 21, 22, 2011

from the conference brochure. Click image to download pdf file (1 Mb)

Biodynamics is a cultural movement, as well as a farming practice and we want to build the social connections between people around Biodynamics. This year we are again focusing on getting to know each other on a social level. How do we continue to support one another in our Biodynamic work is a question we carry into this gathering.

Large farmers, home gardeners and consumers are all encouraged to attend.

Schedule of Events:

Friday Night – Social Event & Talk
5:00 pm Registration at PRWS
6:00 pm Potluck – Please bring a dish
to pass – Local Viroqua group
will supply a main dish and
7:00-9:00 pm Evening Talk by Michael Schmidt
– From Apathy to Action in Agriculture – Understanding the Role of the Will Recovery.
Location OMB 321 E Decker St.

Continue reading

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Biodynamics + dowsing = stronger life forces in the food that’s grown that way

These dowsing techniques illustrated in this short clip on biodynamics are not part of standard biodynamic practices. Which is not to say that they’re inappropriate or not a good idea. Maybe just not for everyone.

Biodynamics is practiced in lots of varying ways, and this is just one example that seems to work well for this particular grower.

Continue reading

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Raw milk workshop to kick off Sept. 30th Biodynamic Farming conference — Farmer Michael Schmidt to speak

Excerpted from Kimberly Hartke’s blog:


by Rebecca Briggs, Editor, Biodynamics Magazine

The Biodynamic National Conference, “Biodynamics and the Future of Agriculture: Growing the Food Revolution,” will feature a pre-conference workshop co-sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation on “The Benefits and Politics of Raw Milk.”

Raw milk, one of the most primal and health-giving foods, is now at the center of the growing food rights movement and a storm of political controversy. How did this happen? Why is it so important? Where do we go from here? These questions and more will be addressed by an incredible panel of luminaries in the raw milk and food rights movement. Continue reading

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“Voodoo on the Vine” — S.F. Weekly

Images and captions from SF Weekly

Here are some excerpts from a recent story in the San Francisco Weekly Dining section about Biodynamic farming as it applies to grape growing and wine making.

Explaining Biodynamics to journalists is always fraught with the potential for misunderstanding, and it’s no surprise that the writer of this piece, Joe Eskenazi fails to grasp the underlying philosophy, and many of the subtle underlying concepts and hasn’t undertaken the necessary research to be able  to credit biodynamics with much in the way of scientific backing.

Still, what’s interesting here is that biodynamics in grape growing is increasing in popularity, and that this writer is willing to explore biodynamic practices, unusual as they may seem, in considerable detail. Continue reading

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