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Raw milk black market in New York

From Ellen Frankman, on The Daily Meal:

“Most Sundays, Tyrone Mayorga sets out a cooler in the entrance of his West Village walk-up apartment building, waiting for a delivery van service to fill it with raw, unpasteurized milk. The quasi-legal beverage comes from a creamery co-op that delivers to customers throughout New York City.

“I drink it for the laundry list of health benefits,” Mayorga, 23, said. “I’m all about a return to raw living [and] natural and sustainable food products, no matter the fat content. I also drink it because I like the idea of keeping small farmers in business, knowing my money is being given to honest, hardworking members of my community.” Continue reading


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“Ignoring Ontario’s cow share ruling will endanger future access to raw milk in Canada” — farmer Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt shares some thoughts on the state of raw milk in Canada:

Michael Schmidt with host during a recent visit to Wisconsin, with a glass of raw milk.

Things have drastically changed in Ontario since January last year. As soon as the celebration of the historical cow share ruling by Paul Kowarsky was over, many farmers who had been silently waiting on the sidelines jumped at the “golden opportunity to milk the opportunity”.

The market is there and is expanding at a frightening pace. There have been countless requests by people searching for raw milk: Continue reading


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Trafficking Amish raw milk in New York

Jordan Heller, writing for “The Daily”, a “newspaper” for the ipad:


“Wearing a black-brimmed country hat, suspenders and an Amish beard, “Samuel” unloaded his contraband from an unmarked white truck on a busy block in Manhattan. He was at the tail end of a long smuggling run that had begun before dawn at his Pennsylvania farm. Continue reading

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Minnesota raw milker blames “pusher”

Shari Danielson’s got a craving for raw milk and she blames it on Nina Planck. Here’s an excerpt from her tale of woe on the Simple Good and Tasty blog:

THE PUSHER -- Nina Planck -- blame her!

THE PUSHER -- Nina Planck -- blame her!

“Every Tuesday morning, the supplier, under cover of pre-dawn darkness, packs up his truck in rural Minnesota to make his weekly delivery. His drop-off site is a nondescript, middle-class home in a Minneapolis suburb, where his regular customers begin to converge around 8:00 a.m. They drive up, park, pick up their orders, leave cash, then return to their everyday lives.

What they’re doing is illegal, but the contraband isn’t cocaine, krugerrands or even Cuban cigars.

It’s milk. Straight from the cow. Whole, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, non-industrialized, raw milk.

Why is it illegal? Because the Minnesota Department of Agriculture prohibits the sale of raw milk, unless it is purchased by consumers only “occasionally” and only “at the farm where the milk is produced.” (Source: Westin A. Price Foundation – “What is Real Milk?”)

So, why do otherwise law-abiding citizens buy illegal milk? Part of the blame should go to Nina Planck. Continue reading

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Black Market for farm fresh contraband

“What the right hook up can get you” — Macleans.ca takes a close look a the post-modern reality that the best food available is often only available to the cognoscenti with the right black-market connections. The rest of us can pretend that supermarket fare is good enough. So here are a few secrets of how those in the know shop for duck eggs, raw-milk cream and summer sausage on the foodie black market in Toronto:

Picture from Macleans.ca

Picture from Macleans.ca

“…..A desire to buy directly from growers and connect more with what we eat has foodies searching for hard-to-find delectables—even if, or perhaps especially if, they haven’t been inspected by the authorities and are technically illegal. The right social network is indispensable and, for some, may be part of the thrill. Those with friends in the right places can buy unpasteurized milk on Vancouver Island. There is at least one hidden on-farm store in Ontario that people in the know can access. And some vendors at farmers’ markets will sell you more than just fresh carrots and lettuce; an Ontario market manager has seen eggs, sausages and even raw sheep’s milk change hands under the table. Especially prized are eggs straight from the coop—that is, not transported en masse to a provincially-run facility where they are washed, inspected and graded before being trucked to the store. Continue reading

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