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Judge’s ruling drove Dan Brown out of farming — now he’s appealing the case

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

Former Maine Farmer Dan Brown, interviewed by television reporter. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“Lawyers for Maine farmer Dan Brown say a judge who issued an injunction last April barring him from selling raw milk “completely overlooked” that he would have had to spend $62,500 to comply with regulations to obtain a state permit for his one-cow dairy.

As a result, “The injunction has put Mr. Brown’s farm out of business,” according to a brief filed on behalf of Brown by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund to appeal the decision by Superior Court Judge Ann Murray.  In addition, Brown was assessed $1,132 in fines and court costs.  Continue reading

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Blue Hills Maine Food Sovereignty ordinance tested in raw milk court case

From Mario Moretti, in the Bangor Daily News:

Dan Brown pets Sprocket, family’s four-year-old, sole milking cow, before hosing her down at family’s Gravel Wood Farm on the Blue Hill peninsula Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. Dan Brown contends that he doesn’t need a license to sell raw, unpasteurized milk. State and federal regulators say otherwise. Click image to go to source. Photo: John Clarke Russ | BDN

“ELLSWORTH, Maine — A Blue Hill farmer has been ordered by Hancock County Superior Court to cease selling unlicensed, unlabeled raw milk from his farm stand in a decision that could set the scene for future challenges to local food rules that circumvent state law. Continue reading

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Maine towns’ food sovereignty laws to be tested in upcoming court case

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“I’ve spent the last few days reading through the most recent filings in the Maine Food Sovereignty case.

If the potential importance of a food rights case could be measured in the heavy weight of the many pages of these initial arguments, this is a serious case. In this initial phase, each side has moved for summary judgment–that the judge in the case decide in its favor as a matter of law.   Continue reading


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State of Maine takes action against a town’s food freedom ordinance

From Farm to Consumer Legal Defense:

The local food freedom ordinance they passed has really put Blue Hills on the map. But will big government at the state level return things to the status quo. Click image for source.

Blue Hill Maine Farmer Being Sued By State of Maine & Agricultural Commissioner
Local Food & Community Self-Governance Ordinance Challenged

We Are All Farmer Brown!



Dear Friends and Supporters,

Since March of this year five towns in Maine have passed the Local Food & Community Self-Governance Ordinance, creating legal protections for direct food and farm sales and food shared at bake sales and community meals. From the beginning, Maine Agricultural Commissioner Walter Whitcomb has been telling our towns that State law preempts the authority of municipalities to make local laws that conflict with state and federal laws and regulations. Continue reading


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