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Author Pam Killeen’s new book on Addiction, and its relationship to diet

Pam Killeen has played an important role in the fight for raw milk legalization in Canada over the past few years.

That's Pam Killeen at the far right, sharing in an October 2008 news conference on raw milk at Queens Park in Toronto with Durham-area dairyman and raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt (left). And that's Sean McGivern, National Farmers Union Coordinator, in the middle.

Her latest book, on Addiction, has recently been published, and we’re pleased to present the following review by Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac., which Pam sent us:

“Once upon a time there was a poignant script for the popular television show Twilight Zone in which a man who could see finds himself in a land of the blind, and the consequences for him aren’t pretty. Those of us in the Alliance for Addiction Solutions (who daily face the frustrating blind ignorance of most treatment programs about nutrition) can sympathize to the depths of our souls. And when we find a fellow traveler on the road to wellness who understands nutrition’s role in addiction treatment it is time to cheer. Stand up, Alliance! It’s time to cheer! Continue reading

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Michael Pollan on contemporary food movements, from vegan raw foodies to “born-again carnivores”

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story from The Ethicurean blog by Bonnie Azab Powell:


Pollan nation: In what is ostensibly a five-book review for the June 10 New York Review of Books, journalist Michael Pollan has an epic essay charting the emergence and character of the food movement. Or, as he puts it, “‘movements,’ since it is unified as yet by little more than the recognition that industrial food production is in need of reform because its social/environmental/public health/animal welfare/gastronomic costs are too high.” (Pollan, of course, has been indispensable in the rise of this movement, yet he omits his 2006 best-seller, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, from his list of its catalysts — among them Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, Marion Nestle’s Food Politics.)

This collection of movements is a “big, lumpy tent,” says Pollan: Continue reading

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Raw milk revolution… a book review

Here are excerpts from a review of David Gumpert’s new book on the raw milk revolution, from the “Or too many books” blog:

Probably the best book out there on the contemporary raw milk scene in America.

“…Still on the fringes but becoming more common with each passing year are those who not only reject the products resulting from the factory farming model, such as enormous feedlots that are so unsanitary that the cows must be fed a steady diet of antibiotics to keep them healthy enough to produce milk or meat (antibiotics that may actually be contributing to rise of “super bugs”, antibiotic resistant bacteria), these consumers are also rejecting the preparation methods mandated by law: the pasteurization and homogenization of milk. Continue reading


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