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Raw emotions over raw milk in Boston

From Erica Noonan at Boston.com

Cindy Wood hands out treats to her charges in the milking barn at Framingham’s Eastleigh Farm, among the few area dairies that sell raw milk. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

“FRAMINGHAM — The customers come into Eastleigh Farm’s modest retail store with a purpose.

The product they seek, unpasteurized — or raw — milk, is both controversial and scarce. The nearest other places that sell it are at least 45 minutes away by car, at dairy farms in Foxborough, Andover, and West Bridgewater. Continue reading

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New regulations would allow farmers to deliver raw milk to customers in Massachusetts

Christine Legere, writing for the Boston Globe:

Two raw-milk farms south of Boston are among 27 statewide that stand to benefit from legislation that would allow farms to deliver the product directly to their customers.

The bill, filed last month, would loosen current state regulations that allow raw, or unpasteurized, milk to be sold only on farm property where the cows are kept — a restriction that can mean a long trip for a few glasses of milk for the consumer.

In addition to allowing for delivery, the bill would allow farmers to sell raw milk from farm stands they own or rent, even if the stand isn’t on the property where the cows are milked. Continue reading

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Backstage at the Boston demonstration

This is David E. Gumpert’s report on the different response by different previous-allied groups, to an apparent attempt at derailment by MDAR officials. An excerpt from David’s latest on “The Complete Patient blog”:

“It’s taken me a little longer than I expected to recover from the Massachusetts raw milk protest festivities on Monday. I’ve never been involved in organizing a protest. Not that I did a lot of the heavy lifting, but the amount of detail required to put something like that together was pretty amazing. Signs, police permits (a day-and-a-half of one person’s time), arranging for the presence of the Jersey cow Suzanne, police permit for Suzanne, arranging for Suzanne’s poop to be cleaned up, etc., etc.

But I must confess, and confess is probably the right word, the toughest part of the entire affair was dealing with internal wrangling. I had heard talk of internal divisions in connection with the Wisconsin campaign for a law to allow farm sales of raw milk–some farmers opting out of certain demonstrations when it didn’t suit their own interests–but this past weekend, I got my own personal exposure to the realities of what can happen when divisions crop up. Continue reading

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Raw milk “drink in” with live cow on Boston Commons — says Boston Globe

Photo and story excerpt below from the Boston Globe. Story by Brian R. Ballou:

(A dairy cow named) "Suzanne is led to a demonstration on Boston Common by farmer Edgar Plees of Framingham. The cow was part of a protest against the (Massachusetts) state's plan to ban the sale of raw milk, except when sold at a farm." Photo is by David L. Ryan of the Boston Globe Staff

“Milk was on tap at the Boston Common this morning, but it wasn’t any supermarket or corner store brand. This milk was raw — from a dairy cow transported to the park in a trailer. Continue reading

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Passion for raw milk spoken loud and clear by buying club fans in Boston

Here’s the latest news from Monday’s hearings about milk buying clubs and other raw milk concerns in Massachusetts, via David E. Gumpert, of the Complete Patient blog:

Fox News covered the milk-in at Boston commons which was held in conjunction with the MDAR hearing Monday morning. Click on the image to go to Fox News page to watch video of the proceedings

“Scott Soares, Massachusetts agriculture commissioner, left, after the hearing Monday. One after another–farmers, moms, dads, lawyers, buying club owners, a state rep, and a blind woman, some 49 in all–they testified this morning before the commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Scott Soares. More likely would have spoken out, except the hearing room filled up with about 125 people, and another 60 or more couldn’t get in.

After threatening in a late-Friday press release that people wouldn’t be able to testify on his agency’s crackdown on raw milk buying clubs, Soares relented in the bright sunshine of a new day. He allowed the testimony, and in doing so, he opened a flood gate of emotional appeals, lasting three-and-a-half hours. Continue reading

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