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FDA the odd man out on raw milk?

Of course Canada’s not mentioned here. Still, David E. Gumpert reports some fascinating news from the wider raw milk world. From his “The Complete Patient” blog:

“A few weeks ago, the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency came out with an eye-opening report on raw milk. This agency, the UK’s equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, acknowledged and accepted, at least on a minimal basis, the reality of raw milk, including the following:

* The FSA sought out the opinions of more than 100 raw milk consumers via “an innovative consultation event” on “options for controls for RDM (raw drinking milk).” “The overarching conclusion from the event is that there is an appetite among producers and current RDM consumers for increased consumer access to RDM…” Continue reading

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Raw milk in the U.K. (United Kingdom)


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Nine year old British schoolgirl called to the office over blogging photos of the food she eats at her school cafeteria

From The Verge, which, for the most part, is a technology blog:

Photo from nine-year-old Martha’s blog “Never Seconds”. That’s Martha on the right, getting some personal cooking instruction from chef Nick Nairn. Click image to go to that post.

“A month and a half ago, a nine-year-old schoolgirl called Martha began blogging photos of the food from her elementary school cafeteria. After just ten days the blog, entitled NeverSeconds, had already received 105,000 views, thanks largely to an endorsement from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. It went on to amass over two million hits and also raised nearly £2,000 (around $3,110) for food charity Mary’s Meals. Continue reading


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Hunger is no game for poor in Britain

Is this how “the system” uses the seemingly impartial objectivity of economics to put the screws to what the elite may regard as “useless eaters”? From The Independent:

The Hunger Games book

“Evidence is mounting that thousands of children in the UK are not getting enough food to eat – and that, as financial hardship spreads, their numbers are increasing rapidly. Chris is 10. He and his brother are so malnourished that their skins are pale and they have rings under their eyes. Their older brothers have such an unhealthy diet that they have lost their adult teeth. They live in the sixth-richest city in the world – London.

The boys are just four among thousands of Britain’s hungry children – victims of a “silent epidemic” of malnutrition in the capital and beyond….” Continue reading


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Monsanto calls it quits in Britain

Monsanto has failed to establish a beachhead in Britain, according to this story from British newspaper The Mail Online:

“The giant bio-tech firm Monsanto yesterday announced a major withdrawal from the UK amid intense opposition to genetically modified foods.

The company, the leading multinational behind the production of GM crops, is closing its wheat growing operation, based in Cambridge.

Officials said the move was partly due to the opposition to GM crops which has inspired the Daily Mail’s campaign against so-called “Frankenstein Foods”. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt sentencing makes the news in Britain, where raw milk is legal

From Denis Campbell’s UK Progressive:

“The controversy over whether people have the right to produce, sell, buy, and consume raw milk products is a huge one these days. Government regulators in Canada and the US insist they are protecting the public against dangerous effects of raw milk, while those who seek raw milk and other raw foods say their way of eating – is healthy. Continue reading


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Colony Collapse Disorder and pesticides — British government investigates link between bee deaths and farm chemicals

From Beyond Pesticides.org

(Beyond Pesticides, April 1, 2011) A British government scientist on Wednesday announced that he has ordered a review of a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, to determine what effects they may have on bee and pollinator health. Neonicotinoids, such as clothianidin and imidacloprid, have come under intense scrutiny recently due to concerns regarding their toxicity to honeybees, which are essential for a secure food supply in their role as crop pollinators. This has led some to suggest that chemicals such as these could be contributors to honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Continue reading

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