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Raw milk cosmetics for helath & beauty

From the website showing101.com:

Everyone has their own take on "health". But I'm guessing this is by a non-native English speaker.

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Jan. 5 (AP) – A Canadian raw milk dairy ordered the sale of unpasteurized milk for human consumption is rebranding the product as a “body lotion”.

Picture used to illustrate the concept of "raw milk body lotion" in the story on the Helath and Beauty website.

Our cows milk in Chilliwack, British Columbia, was ordered to stop distributing raw milk for human consumption because of its status as a health hazard under the Public Health Act to rebrand the province by leading representatives of the Company raw milk enzymatic Cleopatra’s Body Lotion, reports The Globe and Mail on Tuesday.

The 22-dairy raw cream sales also help as a massage.

“This is a covert attempt unsought way around the law,” said Robin Smith, Executive Director of the British Columbia Milk producers Association. “It is a sham cows in Cleopatra’s robes.” Continue reading


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