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Michael Schmidt back on Hunger strike

Food Rights Declaration as result of the latest appeal ruling against Michael Schmidt — September 29, 2011

Michael Schmidt talks to supporters and media at last Tuesday's news conference

Agriculture has been the backbone of Canada. History has taught us that a healthy Agri-culture is able to feed all the people and therefore creates a healthy and socially stable enviroment.

At the turn of the last century 70% of our Canadian population was actively involved in farming.

Today we have only 2% of the poulation left working on farms and 80% of them have to have another job  to keep their farm going.

The average age of today’s farmers is 56 and hardly any young farmer can afford to start farming.

Corporate farming has taken over food production and multi national corporations control most of the farming inputs, food processing and distribution.

Food safety regulations and production standards are passed based on intensive lobby powers by those who control the current food chain. Continue reading


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Cows, raw milk and marketing boards

From Edible Vancouver magazine, by Michael Marrapese:


During a recent trip to France,  I stopped at a small agricultural store that sold not only tools, farm clothing and fencing wire to farmers, but also local cheeses, wines, vinegars, jams and cured meats.  What surprised me the most were the clearly labeled containers of raw milk.  In BC, only the Milk Marketing Board is allowed to distribute raw milk.   It essentially manages the milk supply, buying milk from farmers across the province at a fixed price, transporting milk to producers and bottlers, testing for quality and microbial content, and ensuring a consistent product to secondary processors. Continue reading


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Vancouver screening of “Milk War” movie, a fundraiser for legal defense

From Hella D.’s blog:

Poster for the event. From Hella D's blog.

“Our local Cowshare is working hard to raise money for the legal fees incurred by Fraser Health’s attack on our right to access milk directly from our cows. One of our cowshare members, Noriko has been working really hard and set up a screening of the recently released film “Milk War” at the Rio theatre February 6th, 2010. Tickets are only $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Continue reading

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Decision rendered in Alice Jongerden contempt of court case in Vancouver

Reasons for Judgement in the case

Alice Jongerden, former agister for Home on the Range (now Our Cows).

From a letter to Alice Jongerden from her lawyer:


Attached is the decision of Mr. Justice Smith.  He found you in contempt but decided not to impose a penalty.  In my view, this counts as a partial victory.

You should note in paragraph 13 that Mr. Justice Smith makes special note that no challenge to the validity of the legislation is before him or was before Madam Justice Gropper.  I would suggest that we bring such a challenge. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt in Alberta talking to farmers about raw milk strategies

Michael Schmidt reports from Alberta:

Today we gathered with about 15 farmers to discuss strategy and further actions in respect to protecting the various cow share operations in Alberta. People drove over six hours to take part in this session.

Ontario raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt meets with local farmers Judith and Eric in Alberta today.

There was intensive debate about the Canada Cow Share concept. Standards and training as well the accreditation of farms was discussed in depth. Continue reading


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From Michael Schmidt en route to Vancouver raw milk court date today October 14th for Alice Jongerden

I am on my way to Alice’s court date which is Thursday. Things repeat themselves as you can see. Our efforts to engage in the dialogue with authorities has the same result as in Ontario.

They seem to regroup and are willing to sacrifice Alice at all costs measured by their submissions to court. The goal will be to make an example of her so that others will be scared to repeat what she was trying to do.

How far they will get in court remains to be seen. None of the judges I have seen have taken any interest in her cause. Mostly dismissive and with a pre judged opinion. I will provide transcripts later. Continue reading


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Raw deal for Canadian raw milk fans?

Here’s an excerpt from a story by Karen Selick, Litigation Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation in today’s Globe and Mail, titled “Raw Milk Fans are Getting a Raw Deal”. Karen is Michael Schmidt’s lawyer:

Raw milk builds strong bodies -- English Princes William and Harry, who reported drank raw milk at Eton.

“Queen Elizabeth drinks her milk raw. She reportedly thinks so highly of unpasteurized milk that, when her grandsons Princes William and Harry were students at Eton, she instructed herdsman Adrian Tomlinson to bottle up raw milk from her Windsor herd and deliver it to them at school.

Canadians, however, are not permitted to emulate their head of state. Raw milk cannot legally be sold in Canada, except into government-authorized “supply management” cartels, where it goes to be pasteurized. Only those who happen to own their own cow can legally consume raw milk. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt dubbed “Canada’s Lone Ranger” for his rescue of B.C.’s Home on the Range raw milk cowshare

In today’s post on the Complete Patient blog, David E. Gumpert writes:

Hi-O Silver.... The Lone Ranger rides again!

“If you’re old enough to remember “The Lone Ranger”, you know he roamed America’s Wild West righting wrongs, sometimes firing silver bullets to make his points, and then riding off into the sunset with a hearty “Hi Yo Silver”.

Canada may have its version of The Lone Ranger in Michael Schmidt–the Bovine’s reported Friday that he is about to ride into the western province of British Columbia in an attempt to save the Home on the Range dairy from assault by its own government…”

“…He arranged with Jongerden to legally assume control of the herdshare last Thursday. “I took over the business operations. Everything is under my management,” including the six employees. “I am coordinating all distribution of the product.” Continue reading


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B.C. judge orders Alice Jongerden not to milk the cows — so now what?

Excerpts from the Vancouver Observer story by Manda Aufochs Gillespie:

A few of the roughly 50 supporters who turned out at the courthouse yesterday in Vancouver to show their support for raw milk, Alice Jongerden, and "Home on the Range". Photo via Vancouver Observer.

“Supporters and shareholders filled the courtroom in New Westminster, B.C. today to witness whether dairy farmer Alice Jongerden would be found in contempt of court for continuing to milk the cows owned by the Home on the Range milk cooperative.

The judge did not seem to take kindly to Ms. Jongerden having no legal counsel, to her attempts to submit evidence into the case, or to her request for cross-examination of the witness who had signed an affadavit against her. At one point he pointed directly at Ms. Jongerden and seemingly lost his temper, as he raised his voice and jabbed his finger in her direction. Continue reading


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Legal aspects of Minnesota milk case

Here’s a fascinating commentary, by Gordon Watson, on the story excerpted in the post below:

Below is the top story today, on David Gumpert’s website , The Complete Patient. This post contains information that is very important to us in the Campaign for REAL MILK. In order to defend himself, the farmer is entitled to have a copy of the affidavit which was used by the authorities to obtain the Search Warrant.  But they won’t give it to him!  I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that that “Information to Obtain” gives away the fact that the tale told to some Judge to get the Warrant, was surmise upon surmise = allegation/ accusation /innuendo = but devoid of facts which would give color of law to something as serious as a home invasion by 8 cops Continue reading

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